Snom C520

Conference system

Key Features

  • 2 detachable wireless microphones
  • Bluetooth connection
  • Expandable with up to three C52-SP


The modern conference solution for companies of all sizes

The Snom C520 is the perfect partner for collaborative teamwork. The modern conference phone has three sophisticated microphones. One microphone is built into the device together with the powerful full-duplex loudspeaker. Two additional cordless DECT microphones can be placed or carried freely in the room.

The Snom C520 microphones feature dynamic noise reduction and adaptive feedback control for crystal-clear HD voice transmission, even with many people or in large rooms. To ensure optimal coverage, the microphones synchronise in real time depending on their position in the room. This technology allows users to move freely around the room without even having to raise their voices.

The device can also be wirelessly extended in range by up to three Snom C52-SP extension speakers (microphone included) to cover even very large rooms.

In addition, the Snom C520 has a Bluetooth interface with which you can pair a Bluetooth headset or connect to a PC to combine the Snom C520 with the participants of a conference solution running in the computer. This way, the participants in the room can talk with the Snom C520 to the participants of any meeting software running in the PC.

Multi-coloured status LEDs

Easy to recognise which mode the device is in.

2 detachable wireless microphones

The microphones can be easily placed around the room, e.g. on several desks. This increases the recording and transmission of the sound. You can also use one as a handheld microphone.

Expandable with up to three
Snom C52-SP

For coverage in larger rooms or even halls. Conferences small or large can be so simple.

Overview of Series

Technical features



This device has Bluetooth headset support.



This device communicates using the radio standard for telecommunications called DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications).


Headset connectable

This device has a port and possible software support that allows a headset to be connected.


Security (TLS & SRTP)

This device supports all common security protocols, such as TLS, SIPS, SRTP, etc.


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