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We look after you so that you can feel completely at home

Snom not only stands for innovative communication solutions and professionalism, but we also attach great importance to the well-being of our employees. In the end, our most important asset is not our products, but the people who stand behind them and develop them. Our Snommies!

We encourage and challenge our teams to create innovative, functional and professional solutions that are appreciated by our customers. All this is only possible because we take the needs of each individual seriously and have made it our goal to focus on the life balance of our employees. Because our professional services are matched by care for the well-being of our employees.

We don't want to keep you from finding out exactly what this looks like and what you can expect from us as a Snommie as a support force for your life plan!



Flexible working hours
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Our core hours are from 10-15. Everything else is subject to your flexible arrangement, we trust you! Of course, more individual arrangements are possible by arrangement.

Your development is one of our most important concerns
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Every employee has the opportunity to choose a two-day face-to-face training course every year and, of course, to take advantage of all the digital offers that serve their development.

Your private supplementary insurance with Snom
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Health is the basis of our productivity and activity. That is why we are pleased to have taken out private supplementary health insurance for all our employees. The costs for this are fully covered by Snom and it works for you without any prior health check. This means that nothing stands in the way of your extra budget for new glasses, dental treatment or a non-medical practitioner.

Pension - we provide for your future
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Old age doesn't stop at anyone. So that you can go into your future without worries, we subsidise your pension by 20% - well above what the legislator stipulates.

30 days paid leave for everyone at Snom!
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Only those who are rested and can also enjoy their private life are capable of top performance. We support this with 30 days holiday for Snommies in Germany. Our Snommies abroad can also count on an equivalent number of days off, which varies due to the different labour law issues in the countries.

Home Office / Remote / On site
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You decide! With us, you are free to make your choice for office or home office.

Safe workplace
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Snom celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2022. That's how long we've been around. And we are here to stay! ;-)

BVG ticket, JobRad and Snommie parking spaces
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We like being together in the office! We encourage this after the probationary period with the BVG environmental card. More of a bike fan? Then you'll love our cooperation with JobRad! You can purchase your personal service bike conveniently and inexpensively through Snom.

In-house massages and an ergonomic workplace
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Your back health and a pleasant working atmosphere are important to us. We support this in our offices with ergonomic desk chairs and height-adjustable desks. And if you do feel some tension in your back, you can get a massage every second Tuesday from our massage service in the office.


Team building and fun go hand in hand with us
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We keep a budget for team events, because often the best ideas come in a relaxed atmosphere surrounded by your team members.

Quality coffee and a wide selection of drinks
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Nothing works without energy - that's why we don't just offer our employees delicious quality coffee. Our modern coffee machines grind the beans fresh for each cup, so that nothing stands in the way of your enjoyable coffee experience in the office. But don't worry if coffee isn't quite your thing. We offer a wide range of chilled drinks, including various Coca-Cola varieties, Club Mate, Lift Apfelsaftschorle, Bionade and many more.

With your morning coffee, you can't miss a piece of fruit or two!
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Health is important to us and the brain needs to be well looked after - that's why we serve fresh fruit and vegetables every day, lovingly presented and prepared for you to enjoy.

In-house Pizza Meetings
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Occasionally, all Snommies who are on site in the office meet up for a get-together, get to know new colleagues and connect with each other in a meeting. But not just any boring meeting! We spice it up with free pizza for everyone! Our pizza meetings are so good that even home office and remote snommies like to choose this day to visit us in the office.

A quiet room for extra relaxation
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If everyday life does get a little hectic, you can always snuggle up on the sofa in our relaxation room, recharge your batteries and enjoy an undisturbed break.

We celebrate you and your milestones
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Just as it is significant in a family, your birthday, your wedding, a new little family member and milestones such as major anniversaries in the company are also important to your professional family. Balloons, chocolates and small gifts should not be missing. Let us surprise you.

Sounds too good to be true?

The extra spice of reality is provided by our many great reviews on
Kununu. See for yourself!



Then you too can become a Snommie!
We are looking forward to meeting you!

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