Customised faceplates for your Snom phones in the hospitality sector

Design your own faceplates

Faceplates are a very easy way to professionally adapt your Snom phones to your corporate design. You are free to decide which colours you want to use and whether you want to include graphic elements such as a company or hotel logo.

You have the option to commission us to print these faceplates according to your wishes or to do it yourself.

Since the faceplates not only have to be printed, but also cut out in the right places to make room for the buttons, this is not an easy task.

But we provide you with everything you need for all options - and of course you can easily adapt the faceplates to a new design at any time - uncomplicated and very cost-effective.

Below you can choose which option best suits your requirements:

Order directly in the Partner Portal

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Order online here

You are not a Snom Partner yet, but you would like to order individual inserts for your existing devices?

Files to design yourself

You would like to make the faceplates yourself?*.
*We recommend working with a professional printing company

Order form for your personalised faceplates

For Snom Hospitality phones of the series HD100, HD101, HD350W and HD351W

Please select the appropriate form below to match the Hospitality Series phones you have already purchased.

If you have not yet purchased a Hospitality device, you can first ask a sales representative for advice.

Choose icons

You can choose from a variety of icons, for each individual key. Unfold the following area to get an overview of the icons. And you will learn the internal name, which you should use for each order.


Please select the model for which you would like to order faceplates:

To do this, first download the matching order form. You can easily fill in the PDF on your computer and save it.
To complete the ordering process, please send the desired company logo together with the fully completed form(s) and your distributor's invoice receipt to



Instructions for printing on your own

Please note that when printing with an exact cutting template, cut-outs for the buttons must be stamped out. This means that we strongly recommend that you work with a good printer.

You should also consider the legibility of the faceplate - because the faceplate is additionally protected by a plastic stencil, printing "tone on tone" (light blue on dark blue) may be difficult to read, as may a font that is too delicate.

It is best to design just one insert first to test its legibility!

In the following we offer the template files for download.

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