Stay Up to date

Are your Snom devices up to date with the latest firmware?
Do the features QuickLookUp, Ad-Hoc Conference, Quick Redial or GUI personalisation mean anything to you??
If not, then you are probably not using the latest version* of our firmware. For the optimal and also secure use of our devices and solutions, we recommend regular updates**.

*These features were introduced with the first version in February 2019..
** Which firmware you can install depends on the provider of your telephone system (PBX). Usually only firmware versions explicitly released by the PBX can be installed and usually only directly via the web interface of the PBX.



The Firmware Update Center

Here are the latest firmware versions for all Snom devices placed.

How to check which firmware version is installed on the Snom phone.


On the phone user interface (Display)
  • Press the button with the cogwheel symbol (formerly a screwdriver) on your phone and the Settings menu is displayed.
  • Navigate to the menu item "Information".
  • Afterwards select the menu item "System information".


Via the web user interface (via internet browser)
  1. Navigate to the phone's web user interface by entering the IP address in any internet browser.
    • The "Home" page of the web user interface is displayed
  2. Navigate to the "Status" page → "System information"
    • The firmware version is displayed in the last line after the User Agent, in the example snomD785-SIP:


Hot to update the firmware of the Snom phone 

If you know what firmware your Snom device is running, you have two methods to update it if a new firmware version is available.

Note: Please note that the settings in the PBX (telephone system) used may define or restrict functions and access authorisations, e.g. a manual update of the firmware may be blocked.


The Manual Method

You can update the firmware of each Snom device manually via the web interface.

You can find out how this works in detail in our article in the Snom Service Hub:

Automatic via provisioning

The most common method to update a Snom device with the latest available firmware is clearly via the web interface of the PBX you are using. Here, the PBX provider combines maximum convenience for its customers with the desire to first test each new firmware for maximum compatibility and freedom from errors.

How to do this, please read our article in the Snom Service Hub:

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Search for help

Are you looking for help with a problem, a manual, an answer to your question or the latest firmware for your Snom device?

We have set up the Snom Service Hub to provide you with everything you need.



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