Trend-setting and future-oriented

From the very beginning, Snom has made it a point not to take the easy and established route, but instead to orientate itself towards the needs of the customers and its own innovative ideas. This was and still is done, of course using and adhering to all standards. A proprietary path was therefore never an option. An example of this kind of thinking is the use of the open source VPN client "OpenVPN" or the use of "Mozilla Root CA" in every firmware.

Snom has not only developed its own software, but also software for and with partners. Always with a focus on ensuring seamless integration with partners' software to simplify the use of Snom devices and solutions for partners and end customers. In the meantime, several apps and user interfaces have been developed.

Permanent improvement of the firmware for Snom desk phones

Snom's firmware for Snom desk phones offers the business user a large number of useful features for everyday and special use. Since the first version, the Snom firmware has been constantly and continuously developed, always with a focus on interoperability with a wide range of IT service providers (ISPs) and a wide range of Internet telephony platforms (PBXs).

Snom uses a modular method of software development that allows the same firmware to be seamlessly supported on the different phone models. When a firmware version is released, it is immediately available for each current phone model. The same provisioning processes are in place for all phones to make it easier for our customers to keep their firmware up to date. This approach simplifies the work of administrators, especially in environments with different phone models, as they only need to become familiar with one model to be able to manage and provision all Snom phones.

PhoneLink - Auto-provisioning can be that easy

Snom has developed and implemented apps for API-driven autoprovisioning with a number of partners, innovaphone and Asterisk, which greatly simplifies the work of IT administrators when installing and maintaining Snom phones.

These apps are very powerful tools to provide customers with easy and secure endpoint provisioning. The biggest advantage is that the creation and hosting of auto provisioning templates can be "outsourced" to us. End customers do not have to leave the partner customer portal, but can conveniently add new phones and change configurations via their service provider's web portal.

User Interfaces

Snom desk phones can be configured either directly on the phone, via the so-called Phone User Interface Phone User Interface (PUI) and also customised to a certain extent (provided you have the necessary permissions to do so), or fully customised using a web browser in the Web Benutzer Interface (WUI).

The WUI in particular is predestined for customising screen backgrounds, all visible icons and images, as well as colours or individual ringtones, and all phone functions and menu structures.

Attention: Please note that depending on the telephone system (PBX) you are using, all changes may be lost when restarting because the PBX resets the telephone to the values configured in the PBX. Be sure to read our tips in the PBX guide.

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