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At Snom, we use a wide range of technologies and methodologies to continuously improve our products. Further, develop the used audio technology and software and to consistently adapt the form and user interface to every changing user requirements.

The strengths of Snom telephones lie, above all, in our technical expertise, the desire to produce particularly flexible versatile telephones and accessories and our proverbial attention to detail. Audio quality is our first and foremost goal. This is reflected both in the development of our audio algorithms and the design of our DSP processors. But It is also of great importance to us that each customer can operate the system our devices for the desired purpose and on the preferred telephone system. Maximum compatibility, security, and flexibility are our daily guiding principles. And of course we want to meet the highest demands of standards in design.


Designed for everyday professional use

A business telephone must function in a variety of different locations and in a wide range of business situations:

  • at the reception
  • in a call center
  • in an office
  • on the executive floor
  • in the corridors
  • in the warehouse
  • or in a branch office / home office.

It must be both compatible with a wide range of devices (e.g. headsets) and include a wide range of the most modern technologies.*

It must also meet the highest security standards to prevent eavesdropping, industrial espionage or other abuse. It should be easy to integrate it into office procedures and be simple, intuitive and convenient to use.

To meet these needs, Snom has developed a feature set that covers every imaginable professional scenario: Snom phones have more than 700 settings that can be combined to give you maximum comfort in your daily work.

*Details can be found on each product detail page

Premium audio technology

Thanks to our experience in acoustics, we have steadily increased the audio quality of our equipment by combining the latest DSP algorithms with our VoIP signalling. In particular, we have solved several characteristic problems of IP technology such as processing delays, network delays, network packet loss and noise.

It is this attention to detail during the design phase that creates the differences in voice quality in phones. Subjective testing is just as important as objective testing. We use a wide range of testing tools and software to ensure to deliver the best quality to you,  in line with the latest requirements of modern telecommunication.

Security in the IP era

With the growing digitisation and thus growth of the VoIP market worldwide, hacking and exploiting phone systems is fast becoming a lucrative endeavour for criminals. For everyone in the industry such as network operators, service providers, system integrators, IT administrators and also hardware and software vendors and manufacturers, it is essential to prioritise and improve network security. Snom ensures maximum security through the consistent use of common security techniques.


Wireless connections

Connections these days are not made merely via a cable attached to the device. And for some applications, some wireless connections may be more suitable than others. Snom relies exclusively on widely used standard technologies, such as:

  • DECT
  • WLAN
  • Bluetooth or also
  • NFC.

Snom offers various products that are equipped with one or more of these standards for different purposes.

Innovative industrial design

This is a central part of the research and development process of new products. Snom devices are intended to be used in a wide variety of scenarios and situations. The product specifications in Snom's design guidelines include aspects such as the overall design of the object, the arrangement of details in relation to each other, colours, textures, shapes and aspects of the use of the device such as audio, keypad and lighting. Snom values new design ideas and actively seeks input from outside our own team. New ideas for other industries and disciplines are always incorporated into our search for delivering the perfect experience.

Brilliant displays

Snom places great emphasis on the quality of its phone displays. They are the part that give users important visual information whenever they use their devices.

Of course, we only use proven technologies such as TFT and FSTN in our displays.

  • Our high-resolution colour displays are made from thin-film transistor liquid-crystal displays (TFT LCD) to enable improved properties such as pixel driveability and good contrast values. Other advantages of this technology are the wide viewing angle, the low colour shift and the good transmission values.

  • Snom phones with monochrome displays mainly use Film-Compensated Super-Twisted Nematic Displays (FSTN). FSTN is a passive matrix LCD technology that uses a film compensating layer between the display and the rear polariser to increase sharpness and contrast. The backlight is generated by energy-saving LEDs, which offer both a long service life and good display quality.

All displays used by Snom are selected for their durability and stability - they can withstand certain electrostatic discharges and power failures without being damaged. We can therefore offer our desk phones with a 36-month warranty that includes the displays.
Many of our customers have been using our devices continuously for many years without any loss of quality.

UI/UX design

The best technologies do not come into their own if the UI and UX design do not support them. If the UI design, the visual design of the interactive menu navigation, is not understandable or too unfamiliar, the user will not have fun engaging with the device and its functions. Equally important is the UX design, which should offer the user a positive user experience. It should be clear, understandable and intuitive so that the user can quickly grasp the functions of the device and enjoy using it. Our product management team works closely with a team of young and experienced programmers to develop innovative and user-friendly solutions.



Trend-setting software

Snom software offers the business user a wide range of useful features for everyday and specialised use. Since its very first release, the Snom firmware has been constantly and continuously developed, always with a focus on interoperability with a wide range of IT service providers and a wide range of Internet telephony and UC platforms.

Advanced semiconductor technology

Snom provides customers with innovative features that make its devices the most advanced products on the market. That's why Snom's development teams work closely with leading semiconductor manufacturers such as Broadcom, Intel, Cirrus and Texas Instruments.

Before our engineers develop a new system-on-a-chip (SoC, one-chip system) for IP phones, they contact system architects in the semiconductor industry. Features such as those of Ethernet switches are developed in combination with physical layer devices (PHYs), digital signal processors (DSPs) and audio devices, and are fully integrated into a single-chip solution.

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