What is your use case?

When it comes to telephony in a professional environment, reliable communication is essential for all industries. Regardless of whether you are working in

  • retail,
  • wholesale or
  • a distribution,
  • the manufacturing industry,
  • the health sector,
  • an architecture, law or engineering office,
  • a consultant office,
  • a transport company,
  • an educational institution,
  • or a real estate company,
  • ITSP,
  • security-sensitive companies or
  • another industry come,

all users want to make phone calls in the highest quality without interference, with maximum security and outstanding comfort.
Snom meets these demands with all its devices. We would like to describe some use cases where our products are used as solutions.


Starting calls from the CRM application (CTI) 

A really useful feature available to us with the introduction of VoIP telephony is to start calls from an application. This CTI option (Computer Telephony Integration) makes it possible, for example, to click on a phone number from Outlook, from a browser or from your customer management programme (CRM) and thus start a call. The requirement for this is a PBX with a corresponding software client.
This solution is exclusively dependent on the PBX used. Snom offers full support for this with all cordless phones and desk phones.

Incoming calls open the respective customer folder in the CRM software (CTI)

The second way in which the CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) solution works is that the CRM software used recognises a telephone number. If a call is recognised, the phone number is searched for in the customer database and the customer's entry is opened. In most cases, a window for "call notes" is also opened.
This solution is exclusively dependent on the PBX used. Snom offers full support for this with all cordless phones and desk phones.

Employees can make calls alone using a headset (UC)

You would like to make calls with your telephone system and a so-called UC client (Unified Communications) without telephones, but with headsets. This method is used in some industries, e.g. in call centres.
Snom offers headsets for different purposes:

Mobile calls over a wide area (indoors) and over several floors

If you want to make mobile calls over a large area, e.g. a warehouse or production hall, or over several floors, then a DECT multi-cell is the ideal solution for you. The very powerful DECT base Snom M900 is able to be bundled into a network of up to 1,000 bases. This network can manage a maximum of 4,000 handsets. For projects of 5 bases or more, you should request a Radio DECT Measuring Kit  from a Snom Partner. With this the optimal number and position of the required bases can be determined. Detailed information on the topic of DECT multi-cells can be found in the following link to the Snom Service Hub.

Mobile telephony on a large (outdoor) area

If you want to span your DECT multi-cell network not only indoors, but also across buildings and outdoors, the Snom M900 Outdoor is just what you need. This is specially designed for outdoor use. You can find detailed information about DECT Multicells in the Snom Service Hub.

Hold a mobile audio conference

If you are looking for a cost-effective, easy-to-install and portable audio conference, the Snom C52-SP and the Snom A230 DECT Dongle are the perfect addition to any Snom desk phone with USB connection. The Snom C52-SP comes with a rechargeable battery and, thanks to DECT transmission, is completely flexible as far as the location of the device is concerned. You only need the desk phone when you want to dial a number. You can also answer a call at any time on the Snom C52-SP..
TIP: If you buy the Snom A150 headset, the Snom A230 is already included. You then only need the Snom C52-SP. And the Snom A230 can manage both devices at the same time.

Another option is the Snom C300, which can be connected directly to the desk phone via Bluetooth.

Pairing the audio conference device "Snom C520-WiMi" with conference software

In addition to the usual use of our audio conferencing device Snom C520-WiMi, it is possible to connect it to a computer via Bluetooth. Then the device registers as a "headset" and can be used by participants on site to talk to colleagues connected via conference software on the PC.

Encrypted telephony

Encrypted transmission of a telephone call is no problem thanks to the complete integration of telephony with VoIP in normal computer networks. Only the associated higher required bandwidth and slightly delayed processing of the audio data when "encrypting and decrypting", often in addition to encryption used in the codec, could lead to qualitative losses when making phone calls. However, a VPN tunnel is a very good and uncomplicated solution for connecting two company locations or employees in the home office as if they were on site.
Snom has been using the very popular, secure & free open source solution, OpenVPN, for years. We have prepared a detailed article for you on our Service Hub, which explains how you can install such an Open-VPN solution.

See if colleagues are on the phone or available (→ BLF)

A really particularly helpful function of the desk telephones was and is the status display by means of so-called BLF keys. These busy lamp field keys can be individually assigned on each telephone with colleagues with whom you have frequent contact and with whom you would like to know whether they are on the phone or can be reached.  
The button next to the corresponding field usually (also with Snom) contains a coloured LED that indicates:

  • whether the participant is free (lamp off),
  • is called or calls itself (lamp flashes) or
  • whether he or she is on a call (lamp lights up continuously).

Announcements & Music-on-hold

Everyone knows the announcements in hospitals, doctors' surgeries, public authorities, supermarkets, retail stores and airports. There are many possible applications for public address with music or general announcements or specific calls. Snom offers the optimal device for this, suitable for every working environment. The Snom PA1+ is our proven announcement and public address system which also has a few tricks up its sleeve. Not only can the Snom PA1+ be controlled from any Snom phone or central source, but thanks to the cable harnesses supplied, a variety of devices can be activated by a power pulse, e.g. a garage door or an electric door latch.

Alarm functions of a special Snom handset

If there is an accident at work or a medical emergency such as a heart attack, your employee may no longer be able to call for help. For this and similar situations where the reliability of technology is important, there is the Snom M85. It has 4 different alarm triggers and offers the right solution for critical situations:

  • press the alarm button to call for help in an emergency
  • position sensors detect the so-called "man down": if the device registers motionlessness in a lying position for a longer period of time, the device can send an emergency message
  • Another option is the "man running" message: This assumes that running indicates an emergency or other alarm situation, and so an alarm can be triggered automatically even in very critical situations
  • and as a further protective mechanism, the Snom M85 has an optional strap attached to the phone, which can be used to attach to the lift cage of a hoist crane, for example, and which, should it be torn off the phone, so-called "pull cord", also triggers an automatic alarm call.

Call signalling in noisy surroundings (siren, rotating beacon)

In large production halls and many other working environments, it can be very loud from time to time, or even permanently. In such a case, a ringing telephone is difficult or even impossible to notice. The solution is often a flashing light or a horn or siren. Thanks to the Snom PA1+, you can easily integrate such signalling devices in a VoIP environment. In addition, it is possible to connect loudspeakers with and without amplifiers in order to amplify the integrated ringing in volume until it meets the requirements.

Telephoning in hygiene-critical environments

In some environments, especially in the medical field, hygiene is a priority in addition to good voice quality. The Snom M90 DECT handset has been specially designed for use in such environments. For this purpose, it is equipped with a special protective cover certified according to JIS-Z2801, which provides no breeding ground for bacteria. For effective inactivation of other "nosocomial pathogens", including "enveloped viruses", the case can simply be wipe-disinfected with up to 99.99% isopropyl alcohol! At approx. 130 g, the Snom M90 is not only particularly handy, but also certified to IP65 and thus immune to splash water and dust. Even falls from a height of up to 2 metres are no problem thanks to the reinforced housing. With up to 17 hours of talk time, the Snom M90 can be used without interruption throughout the day.

Real-time localisation and alarm systems

With the Snom Beacon Solution we offer an ideal solution to integrate highly professional "location and asset tracking" as well as alarm systems into a Snom M-Series DECT multi-cell system. The Snom M9B Beacon Gateway works as a Bluetooth satellite (in transmit mode), which is connected to a Snom M900 DECT base via a DECT data connection. The 4 antennas integrated in the Snom M9B enable precise live tracking thanks to beamforming in the near field range of 1-15 metres, e.g. to protect objects from theft. For the individual tracking requirements (alarm, monitoring, signalling), we work together with correspondingly specialised third-party providers. Our team of experts will be happy to advise you and accompany your project to completion!

Put Snom phones into operation at almost any location via network connection over WLAN

With the Snom A210 WLAN USB Dongle, every current Snom phone of the Snom D3xx and Snom D7xx series with a USB port becomes a WLAN-capable device, because more and more often, offices rely on being able to connect devices in a mobile way and, if possible, without many cables. The dongle is specially designed and optimised for Snom desk phones, i.e. no awkward operation or, in the worst case, even disconnections when using third-party dongles. The small, handy dongle is simply connected via the USB port of the Snom phone and can be configured directly via the phone. Once connected to the local WLAN, you can use all the functions of the device as usual - just like via cable!

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