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The Snom Service Hub is our knowledge base, grown over 25 years that Snom has been successfully building IP phones. There you will find firmware versions for download, installation and usage manuals as well as technical details for all our products.

For our partners

Our authorised partners have the possibility to submit support requests directly to our partner helpdesk.

Within the promised response time (depending on the partner level Registered, Silver or Gold), one of our specialised partner support staff will get in touch and help analyse the problem and find a solution.


For our users

If you are an end user, you have two options:

  1. We will gladly refer you to one of our trained and certified partners in your area. They will be able to help you competently with installation, commissioning and solving technical problems.*
  2. You can ask your question in our Community Forum.**

*This service may be subject to a charge. Snom has no influence on the pricing of the service provided by the partner.

**The Community Forum is an open communication space specifically for simple questions about the installation and commissioning of Snom products. Deeper technical analysis of problems that require log files or other data can unfortunately not be done here.

Find solutions

Many questions can be answered through our extensive knowledge collection in the Snom Service Hub.

In addition to FAQ and Howto, there are several other formats for how we provide answers to whatever topic is on your mind.

Just click here on the right on the topic on which you are interested.

Telephone systems (PBX) Guides

Before you can configure a Snom phone, you should check whether the PBX you want to use supports it. You should also find out to what extent the phone will work, specifically with your chosen PBX. There are a number of PBX providers that explain how to set up a Snom phone for the first time and Snom has also prepared this for some PBX providers.

  • Which PBX supports my desired Snom device?
    In our PBX Partner overview you will find a complete list of our PBX partners, which we support. The list does not claim to be complete and does not represent an evaluation. If your PBX is not listed, the probability that our phones will work with it is still very high, but we do not have any experience with this PBX yet and therefore cannot offer reliable support.
  • How can I connect my phone to a 3CX, Innovaphone, NFON, Pascom or Yeastar PBX?
    The overview of all currently available Deployment Guides can be found here.
  • Can I connect my Snom phone to a Fritzbox?
    The Fritzboxes from the Berlin-based company AVM are widely used in Germany. And even though they are an end-user product and we do not officially support them, due to frequent demand we offer step-by-step instructions for all Snom telephony devices. You can find them here: Article Fritzbox

Desk phones Guides

The Snom desk telephones are extremely versatile in terms of functionality. Not least because of this, it makes sense to look for a partner who knows both the Snom devices and your telephone system (PBX). Nevertheless, we offer a wide range of information in the Snom Service Hub, which is intended to pick up our customers at all levels.

  • What can the Snom Dxxx series phones do? 
    If you simply want to have an overview at a glance of which functions and technical details distinguish our desk telephones, you can take a look at our “Comparison list - Desk phones”.
  • What do I need to know to connect my Snom desk phone?
    If you are new to Voice over IP (VoIP), then the following article is for you. Here we explain step by step the basics of what you need to know to set up a Snom desk phone correctly. Please follow the link to our "Beginner's Guide for Desk phones".
  • How can I customise a Snom desk phone to my needs?
    Snom offers since the introduction of the firmware V10 the possibility to customise backgrounds, colours and much more on your Snom phone. In the following article we explain in great detail how this works: "Customizing the desk phones" (Branding)

    CAUTION: These changes are only as permanent as your PBX allows. Many providers do not allow permanent changes and overwrite them the next time the phone is rebooted. Please check with your PBX provider first to see what applies to you.
  • Can I protect my telephone connection via a VPN tunnel?
    Snom has been offering an extension to the firmware for years with which you can install an "OpenVPN" client. This enables you to establish a secure connection via a tunnel using an "OpenVPN" server. This can be useful, for example, if you have a telephony server in the company and want to connect your employees in the home office to the company via such a protected connection. This would at least protect internal calls from external access. Read the following article to find out how this works: "Setting up OpenVPN"

Mobile (cordless) telephones

For setting up cordless telephone solutions based on DECT radio technology, Snom offers two approaches with the Snom M-series and the Snom MSC-series. Since there are also some things to consider for the commissioning, especially if you intend to set up a so-called "multi-cell" (interconnection of several bases to form a radio network), we have prepared some articles that may be helpful to you.

  • What is a "multi-cell" and what do I need it for?
    Especially the multi-cells, consisting of Snom M-series bases, are extremely popular. If I want a cordless telephony solution at a very reasonable price with high reliability and the usual very good audio quality over a very large area, then such a multi-cell is the means of choice.The bases of the Snom M-series (Snom M700 & Snom M900) can be interconnected so that you end up with a wireless network, comparable to the mobile network.

    The correct positioning of the bases and redundant, i.e. fail-safe planning are important here. For this purpose, we offer a so-called Radio DECT Measuring Kit, with which you can find out exactly whether the bases have been placed correctly. Read the following article to find out how this works: "DECT multi-cell Guide"

    And in the following video we explain how this works.



The most important thing with new or rather complex devices - is a good manual. Snom provides very detailed instructions for each product, at least in German and English. The datasheets are mostly available in 6 languages. In the following list you will find the links to the corresponding sections in the Snom Service Hub.

How To´s, FAQ & Co.

In the Snom Service Hub we have created a variety of instructions and help for you.


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