SRAPS - Secure Redirection and Provisioning Service

Simple, secure, in the Cloud


The Secure Redirection and Provisioning Service (SRAPS) allows secure, zero-touch phone provisioning. As a reseller, you can manage your customers' phones remotely and avoid unnecessary on-site visits. The cloud-based service is not only free of charge, but also offers our resellers and service partners many benefits in everyday business operations. Users can, for example, set up call forwarding rules, create provisioning templates, anytime and from anywhere.

Snom hosts this service in the greater Frankfurt a.M. area, Germany, and of course complies with both the strict German Data Protection Act and the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


SRAPS Features


High availability & location-independent

All SRAPS services are based on cloud technology and are therefore not only highly available but also location-independent.


Redirection & provising

Firmware updates, configuration, provisioning and redirections. Everything can be controlled and managed directly via the SRAPS portal.

API ready

External service providers can be connected directly to SRAPS via a powerful API interface.




SRAPS has not only been developed according to the highest security standards, the system is also hosted exclusively in Germany.


Multi-user management

Manage your different customers and their phones in SRAPS, and invite other colleagues to the SRAPS portal.

Core functions of SRAPS

An overview of the most important functions SRAPS has to offer



With SRAPS you can define your own provisioning profiles for each customer and each telephone type. As soon as the telephone has been able to establish an initial connection to the Internet, this profile is transferred to the telephone fully automatically. The telephone loads the configuration and is immediately ready for operation (zero-touch deployment).

Your system, your firmware version

Depending on which PBX partner you work with, the Snom phones you use will of course require special firmware. Or do you simply always want to have the latest one? No problem. In SRAPS you define your desired firmware version and this is automatically initialised on the devices.

Configuration toolbox

Your customers are as individual as your services. Therefore, you can easily define your own configurations via SRAPS and deliver them to your customers. Whether your own background image or the assignment of the function keys. Telephone configuration has never been easier.

Device Manager

In addition to the free functions mentioned above, there is an additional service that can be subscribed to on a monthly basis. This service includes extensive remote diagnosis and quality-of-service functions that allow you to significantly increase the service for your customers.


With SRAPS, both Snom resellers and technology partners benefit.

Managing, configuring or provisioning Snom phones has never been easier.


Benefits for Snom resellers

  • Zero-touch deployment of Snom phones
  • Simple and fast maintenance without time-consuming on-site appointments
  • Free access to SRAPS
  • Simple customer and device management

Benefits for service providers

  • Outsourcing of endpoint management and administration
  • Powerful connection to SRAPS via API interface
  • Simple, automated maintenance of all endpoints

Get started


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