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What awaits you in our Partner Lounge

After your registration in the Snom Partner Portal and the activation by Snom you get access to our portal. From now on you can use all helpful functions of the portal and get access to our discounts and downloads depending on your partner level.

The Partner Portal is currently available in 6 languages (DE, EN, FR, IT, ES, RU) and offers our partners a variety of benefits. Our aim is to support you as our partners as comprehensively as possible. 

Everything at your fingertips

In your personalised Snom Partner Program dashboard you will find all important information about your,

  • Partner account
  • submissions,
  • rebates and the
  • current Partner Status



Benefits of the Partner Portal:

The following benefits and options are available in the Snom Partner Portal.

Upload invoices and get money back

An important part of the Snom Partner Programme is to refund money for purchased Snom devices in the Silver and Gold level partners. All you need to do is upload invoices for the purchase.

Please note that only invoices for Snom devices purchased from Snom authorised distributors can be considered. 


Project support

If you have a project for which you may need advice and/or technical support, and would like to request a project price, the Partner Portal offers you an option to describe your project in full detail. This way we can support you in the best possible way.


A free Snom device as a test device

We are happy about every new reseller who decides to become our partner. In order for you to have a product from us in your hands to try it out and show it to your customers, if necessary, as our new partner you may choose a device that we will send to you free of charge as a welcome gift.


Manage Multi Accounts

The Partner Portal offers the possibility to create several employees of a company and to give them access to certain functions. You can either invite employees or create colleagues yourself. It is important to note that the first user is always the administrator* / manager of the company.
*The settings for who is the administrator of the account can be changed by the account administrator in the Partner Portal or by a Snom employee.


Simple SRAPS registration

As a Snom partner, it is particularly easy to add an SRAPS account to your partner account from the partner portal. To get an SRAPS account, simply click on the link "Switch to SRAPS" on the bottom left.

The SRAPS portal allows you to forward your customers' devices to the desired PBX or to configure them yourself.

For details on SRAPS, click on the following button.

Training at Snom

With the Snom Academy courses, Snom offers its partners a platform to deepen knowledge and find ideas for use cases as well as help with troubleshooting in everyday life.

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Search for help

Are you looking for help with a problem, a manual, an answer to your question or the latest firmware for your Snom device?

We have set up the Snom Service Hub to provide you with everything you need.



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