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Snom has been offering classroom training in many countries around the world for many years. But these "classroom trainings" could not meet the demand over time. It became necessary to offer more training in a coordinated way. And so Snom had the idea to found its own training academy, the Snom Academy. Here Snom Partners can attend numerous courses free of charge and complete them independently. For each completed course, a "badge" is awarded. Our partners can use these badges for their own websites, email signatures and communication tools. In addition, by collecting specific badges, they can obtain the higher-level SCT badges (Snom Certified Technician) for "DECT" and "Deskphone", as well as prepare themselves for our highest certifications SCE (Snom Certified Engineer).



Who is the Snom Academy for?

The Snom Academy is primarily designed to support our partners in the best possible way and is completely free of charge for them (apart from the SCE training).





Training institutions that deal with VoIP

What does the Snom Academy offer?


The Snom Academy offers Snom Partners the opportunity to train on different topics. For the successful completion of a course you will receive a badge, valid for 3 years*. In addition to gaining specific product expertise, you can use the acquired badges for marketing purposes during the validity period of 3 years. You can use them anywhere in your online media, such as your website or social media accounts, in any communication tools or your email signature. In addition, your acquired or proven competencies (through the badges), will be taken into account when referring clients to us for partner enquiries. We also use these competences as a filter option of the new "Reseller Finder", where you can be found as a partner by customers on our website.
*Since 01.09.2022



Snom Product Training (SPT)

The SPT gives you a good overview of all Snom products divided into our product groups. In addition, a few tips and clever solutions are presented. Anyone who wants to sell Snom products should complete this course and receive the SPT badge in the final test.

Snom Academy Courses (SAC)

The Snom Academy currently offers 6 free courses each (18 in total) under three headings:

  • VoIP,
  • Desk phones and
  • DECT.

Snom Certified Technician (SCT)

The SCT qualification is aimed at all professional VoIP resellers and integrators who mainly work on VoIP projects and use and install telephones including PBX systems on a daily basis.

Snom Certified Engineer (SCE)

The SCE certification is currently the highest award offered by Snom. The aim of this in-depth technical course is to provide participants with all the necessary skills to design, deploy and manage VoIP solutions based on Snom DECT & IP phones and other products.


How do I get access to the Snom Academy?


Anyone* can register via our website:

Click on "Create new account" and fill in the registration form.

Each application is manually checked and approved.

After successful verification, you will receive a "confirmation email" with access data.


*Snom Academy is not yet open for end customers at this time.

Register at the
Snom Academy.

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