Alarm functions of the Snom DECT handsets

Already integrated alarm solutions for more security

Safety plays an important role in everyday working life - whether in the office or in a warehouse, for example. It can be of great importance whether you can call for help as quickly as possible or open a gate or door by pressing a button. The most important thing is to be fast and efficient - and if possible to have everything combined in one device.

Therefore, we already offer integrated alarm solutions in many of our professional DECT handsets. In the Snom M70, Snom M80, Snom M85 and Snom M90 devices, a freely programmable alarm button is included, which offers a wide range of possible applications in such cases.

The Snom M85 also offers some additional alarm options. You can find out which ones further down this page.

Types of alarm


Alarm button

Many Snom M-Series phones have an integrated, freely programmable alarm button that can be used to call for help in an emergency. The button itself is located on the top of the handset and is therefore easy to reach even in hectic situations. What the alarm button should trigger is freely selectable. A defined emergency number can be dialled, a door can be opened or a direct alarm can be activated.

Compatible phones: 


Other alarms

The following three alarm types are exclusively available in the Snom M85 handset.


Man Down Alarm

A "Man Down Alarm" is triggered when the phone is not moved at a specific angle for a defined full stop of time. This is made possible by a built-in acceleration sensor that detects and measures the position of the phone in a certain space. Depending on the previous definition, the phone can then make a loud alarm sound or call a previously defined emergency number on its own. 

Tear-off loop (Pull Cord)

With this type of alarm, a loop is attached to a person's wrist, for example, which in turn is connected to the telephone. If the connection between the loop and the phone is forcibly loosened, a freely programmable alarm is triggered. Either a loud signal tone sounds or an emergency number is automatically called - or both.

Run (Man running)

In a working environment, if you need to get out of a danger zone quickly or rush to help, it can be useful not to have to trigger an alarm manually. With this alarm, the built-in acceleration sensor detects the "running" and activates the alarm.

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