IP specialist Snom launches solution for call centres and remote workplaces

The SP800 is the ideal solution in terminal server environments and for telephony via soft client. The compact device guarantees perfect audio quality and meets strict security requirements.

Snom, the premium brand for IP-based company communications, has announced the launch of the SP800. This solution redefines the standards for high-quality telephony for organisations with increased security requirements, who are using a remote desktop, terminal server, or soft client.

These solutions are favoured in many industries and sectors such as call centres, banks, insurance companies and public sector organisations. Employees can use them to access all applications that are centrally available on the server, irrespective of location. All they require is an internet connection.

In addition to the reduced administrative costs that come with eliminating individual installations, these technologies offer effective protection against the misuse of resources and security risks. Typically, these technologies have been designed for accessing and processing data. An integrated telephone system with softphones and headsets may prevent the need to purchase a phone. It is also secure and can prevent unauthorised telephone calls – however, it is often at the expense of audio quality. This is because terminal servers cannot distinguish between data and audio.

Snom has launched its SP800 to revolutionise the user experience in these environments. While conventional terminal server solutions often have to contend with inferior speech quality, the SP800 guarantees a first-class audio experience. Equipped with the same features as a Snom D862 desk phone, the SP800 offers a robust security architecture that enables employees to have the same outstanding listening experience typical of all Snom devices via remote desktop or soft clients. Even when used in demanding application scenarios, voice transmission remains clear and audible.

The device offers numerous features, such as the latest audio codecs, comfort noise, speech pause detection, DND (“Do not disturb”) and adaptive jitter buffers. The SP800 sets new standards for efficiency and user-friendliness, from configuration via auto provisioning, SRAPS or a user-friendly web interface to the seamless integration of computer telephony and comprehensive diagnostic tools. The phone is operated via USB headsets or other accessories with a 3.5 mm jack.

Thanks to its sleek and discreet design, the SP800 is compatible with any work environment and can be easily placed on or under any desk. It is the ideal solution for companies that value secure and high-quality communication, without compromising flexibility.

The Snom SP800 is available now from specialist retailers and comes with a three-year manufacturer’s warranty

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