ISE 2023: Snom offers insights into the future

With integration and flexibility as its product development mantra, Snom will be presenting a wide range of solutions for new working models and environments from its booth 2T775 at ISE.

Snom Technology, the globally recognised premium brand for state-of-the-art telephony solutions and innovative smart workplace technologies, will be presenting the latest developments in the field of IP telephony at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE), taking place this year in Barcelona from 31 January to 3 February 2023 (Fira Barcelona).

The line-up includes two phones of the new D8XX series, the D862 and the D865 with integrated Wi-Fi, now available at specialist retailers, as well as the first prototype of the Android-based desk phone Snom D895 and the optimised conference and IP-DECT solutions for hybrid working models.

Two product announcements at the trade fair

With the D865, the renowned VoIP pioneer Snom is launching a real all-rounder on the market. Now available at specialist retailers, the new IP telephone with WLAN, Bluetooth and the latest technologies exhibited at ISE meets all the expectations of SMEs and mobile users when it comes to flexible and versatile telecommunications solutions. The Snom D865 has two Gigabit LAN ports and integrated Wi-Fi for maximum flexibility when placing and connecting phones, which are particularly useful options in hybrid work modes (at home or even in offices without dedicated workstations). The user also enjoys maximum flexibility when choosing accessories to use with the phone. For example, the IP terminal offers Bluetooth 5 for connecting Bluetooth headsets or the means to operate a DECT headset or a portable, DECT-based conference solution for unparalleled wireless range on the telephone via a corresponding Snom-DECT dongle on one of the two USB ports.

With the Snom D862 IP desk phone, which is also now available at specialist retailers, the manufacturer presents a very elegant entry-level model with a host of functions. The new D862 is distinguished by its captivating design and crystal clear sound quality, which Snom products are known for. Due to the optimised suppression of background noise, this desk phone can also be used in noisy settings, e.g. hotel lobbies, warehouses or spaces with interfering background noise. Large companies with many workstations can also benefit from this elegant, competitively priced IP terminal without having to compromise on security and flexibility.

Other highlights

Within the broad range of solutions, visitors to the fair will also be able to find out first-hand about devices designed to ease the performance of workers' tasks in any environment: at work, on the go and regardless of their location within their facilities. These include the DECT IP telephones and base stations of the manufacturer, which ensure maximum mobility and operating range in the company as well as extremely easy installation in the home office.

In this context, Snom will also present its latest multi-cell system M500. The DECT system will be available on the market in the coming months and will enable the combination of two or more base stations into a single DECT cell, making up to 16 parallel calls and managing up to 48 SIP accounts.

Real commitment to innovation

Snom is committed to innovative solutions. The presence at ISE is distinguished by integration and flexibility: "The technology can and should continuously adapt to new working methods and potential application scenarios to maintain its relevance for users over the long term," confirms Gernot Sagl, CEO of Snom Technology.

Therefore, Snom developed the first prototype solutions to enable (starting from the telephone as a control centre for building automation) the use of IP terminals with beacon technology or KNX gateway as a control unit for smart office environments for alerts or remote control.

Through ongoing research and the development of its technologies, which specifically contribute to realising various scenarios of digital transformation, the manufacturer proves that IP terminals can be much more than mere communication solutions. The mobile use of the phone – even as a control unit for smart office environments – not only increases mobility and flexibility within companies, but also minimises the cost of implementing complex building automation projects.

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