Snom launches PA1+ to bring greater performance to popular public address system

Updated hardware architecture and more powerful components make the Snom PA1+ an all-rounder in voice communication solutions for SIP specialists

By adding the PA1 to its product portfolio a few years ago, Snom, the globally established premium brand for IP telephony, was able to provide a very successful audio system featuring a multicast function. The PA1 quickly established itself as a public address and audio playback system for large offices split across multiple floors, doctors' surgeries, supermarkets and airports. It is also often used as an interface for monitoring areas relevant to safety, for opening entrance doors, to operate emergency phones or for evacuation measures in school buildings.

This system offers a unique range of functions with a complete component upgrade. The new Snom PA1+ is based on the proven architecture of the Snom D735 desk phone, with a 6.5 watt high-performance amplifier that can fill large rooms with sound via a 600-ohm loudspeaker system. Gigabit interfaces are also offered for connecting other devices such as LAN cameras and automatic remote configuration via the "Snom Secure Redirection and Provisioning Service" (SRAPS). If you choose a manual setup, it can be easily configured via a menu-driven web user interface. As with all Snom devices, updates and configuration changes to the PA1+ can also be carried out centrally on a server. In terms of safety, the new public address system conforms to the highest security standards, such as SHA2.

An all-rounder that pushes the boundaries

With the Snom PA1+, companies can now convert their existing public address systems for announcements to SIP-based voice communication solutions. Like its predecessor, the selectable power supply via an adapter or via "Power over Ethernet" (PoE), is still part of the solution.

The Snom PA1+ is operated like any other Snom phone. Users can make announcements or transmit music streams with a simple call via any Snom phone using a phone number or key combination, in addition to opening doors, garage barriers, gates for loading ramps and much more.

Oliver Wittig, Senior Manager of Projects and Consulting at Snom, comments: "We are always surprised at how creatively system integrators and partners use our public address system. The PA1 is one of those products that has continued to sell well over the years without major marketing campaigns. By optimising this technology with the latest security, connectivity and audio standards, we are helping our partners to push potential boundaries for the seamless integration of a diverse range of systems and draw on the full variety of possible application scenarios of our SIP bridge.“

The new Snom PA1+ will be available at specialist retailers from August 2022.

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