The Snom Partner Survey

Listening to our partners since 2012


Once a year, Snom asks its partners for their opinion about all aspects of our work: 40+ questions, including individual ratings complemented by a number of open comments give our sales and interop partners an opportunity to tell us exactly what they think – anonymously if they prefer.

Why conduct a survey?

The answer is very simple: how can we improve or hope to meet the high expectations of the market if we don’t know what our sales partners really think about our products and services?

The feedback we get can help us to better understand and fine-tune

- product design/development (hardware and software)

- marketing

- brand image and our market position

- sales

- support

The key to unlocking improvements is identifying the areas Snom needs to prioritize. The methodology used enables us not just to see which activities our sales partners are happy or unhappy with, but also enables us to see which of these activities are most important. The higher the importance, the greater overall impact any improvements implemented will have on future results.

Real answers from real people

The fact that, over the course of the last 5 years, Snom can point to improvements across all of our main partner-facing activities, is an endorsement of the success of the survey. Identifying the importance of, for example, proactively communicating support escalation processes has helped the Snom support team to target those issues which really matter to sales partners. Small tweaks to established processes can make a big difference to satisfaction with a manufacturer, something that most of us are familiar with as consumers as well as in business.

What is Snom’s position in the market?

Understanding where the Snom brand fits into the competitive landscape also helps us to better understand our own image. What are we best known for? Who are the main competitors? And how good are they compared to us? As you can imagine, a lot has changed in the market in the last 11 years and this is another reason why it is important to understand where we fit in.

For us as manufacturers, such results provide really valuable indications of the demands and changes in the market. Whereas in the past it was primarily price that dictated dominance, now it is increasingly "qualitative" features that are interesting to buyers. This applies in any case to the topic of security, where a different awareness has emerged, especially in times of massively increasing cybercrime.

What else counts

And there are also "softer" factors that Snom certainly could not have been persuaded to answer through market research. Topics that may not initially appear to be decisive for the purchase of a product.

We take note of these factors primarily by answering open questions. In other words, questions in which respondents are allowed to write what they think. This is exactly what makes retailers choose Snom as their partner rather than the competition: Snom is seen as a trustworthy company that stands by its word. Our willingness and readiness to support the partner with concrete solutions is also emphasized time and again.

Such responses, coupled with feedback on our products and departments, give us really valuable indications of where we stand and what differentiates us from the others.

This means: this survey, paired with smaller surveys and research on the market situation, is one of the most powerful tools for shaping our future.

And last but not least: thank you to everyone who has already participated in one of our surveys!

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