Wireless Working: the Small Office and Home Office (SoHo) market can now benefit from the Snom DECT revolution

With the DECT base stations M100 SC and M400 DC, and the new DECT IP phones M10 SC and M30, Snom is meeting the demand for professional, cordless IP telephony in home offices and small businesses with up to 20 employees.

Smaller organisations such as satellite offices, medical practices or law firms with 1 to 20 employees usually prefer cordless variants for telephony. This often stems from a need for flexibility (particularly in the hybrid working mode) or for enhanced employee mobility in smaller working environments. Therefore, they often receive DECT solutions originating in the end-user market. However, the range of functions within these solutions can be limited, since many applications from switching to forwarding calls are superfluous in the private sphere. Consequently, organisations have to make do with either no solutions or just semi-professional solutions. As well as being frustrating, this can often result in lower employee productivity.

There is a better way...

Snom Technology, a globally established brand for premium IP phones, has always strived to provide all organisations – regardless of size – with customised VoIP solutions. Now, they are expanding the DECT revolution into the SoHo (small office / home office) segment, offering two wireless working lines specially designed for smaller and more flexible organisations.

Snom DECT base stations M100 SC (Single Cell) and M400 DC (Dual Cell)

Designed to meet the needs of lean organisations and for use in hybrid work environments, the Snom M100 SC DECT base station offers all the necessary functions for business communication. These include LDAP support and a central telephone directory with 1,000 entries shared amongst all connected phones, up to ten speed dials, caller identification (CLIP) and lock, as well as a do-not-disturb mode. A highlight of the Snom M100 SC is its ability to connect the base station to a large-scale system via a VPN, such as that found in a parent company. Not only does this increase the security of telephone calls, but also provides the user with all the basic functions of the company headquarters (shared address book and much more).

The Snom M400 DC DECT base station also offers automated dual-cell expandability in the local network, as the powerful Call Manager manages up to 20 parallel calls with up to 40 SIP accounts. The M400 meets the latest encryption standards, offers seamless roaming between different base stations, and uses the same architecture for software and security updates as the M900 multi-cell system.

The two new DECT base stations – the Snom M100 SC and Snom M400 DC for small offices and home offices – offer an extensive range of functions. These include conference calls, muting, call forwarding, toggling or holding calls, call logs, recording call duration and phone book reconciliation for incoming or outgoing calls. Features such as remote maintenance and zero-touch setup are available for cloud and VoIP PBX partners. Both new products can also be powered with existing PoE switches.

DECT-over-IP phones Snom M10 SC and Snom M30

The new, cost-optimised DECT phone Snom M10 SC is perfectly adapted to the M100. Together with crystal clear audio quality, it offers all the essential call functions combined with typical business features characteristic of the Snom DECT base station M100 SC. It also has a local phone directory for up to 500 entries.

The integrated 1.8 inch, monochrome and easy-to-read display with larger icons is backlit, as is the keyboard. The powerful battery enables up to 9 hours talk time or up to a week’s stand-by time. The handset is also equipped with four freely programmable LED function keys.

Meanwhile, the new Snom M30 DECT phone can be used with all the Snom DECT multicell base stations from the new Snom M400 DC and guarantees up to 22 hours talk time and up to two weeks stand-by time.

The perfect combination

Using the compact DECT base station Snom M100 SC for stationary and cloud-based telephony, SoHos benefit from a professional and flexible solution which supports eight SIP identities, six simultaneous calls and up to ten Snom M10 SC DECT-over-IP phones.

The DECT base station Snom M400 DC enables the use of up to 20 DECT multi-cell mobile devices of the Snom M30 type, while ten parallel calls can be made. The Snom M30 is also compatible with all Snom DECT multicell base stations from M400 DC. Together with Snom's DECT multicellular systems, the Snom M30 also supports XML minibrowser functions, giving Snom technology partners even deeper PBX integration.

"Over the past two years, there’s been a lot of talk about the importance of modern telecommunications technologies for large companies and SMEs in 'new work' scenarios. But an important segment in our economy, such as SoHo organisations, was de facto ignored," comments Oliver Wittig, Vice President of Enterprise Relations at Snom Technology. With these new products in its portfolio, Snom is putting a stop to this failing and specifically addressing the needs of smaller organisations. "From now on, SoHos no longer have to deal with any telephony restrictions as a result of unfavourable price-performance ratios," Wittig concludes.

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