Ideal for hybrid working: Snom releases new headsets and conference systems for all work scenarios

The rising popularity of hybrid workplaces is being reflected in the choice of workplace equipment. Snom, a globally established specialist in IP communication, is keeping up with current workplace trends with its new A330M/D headset and C300 speakerphone.

Working from home, hybrid working, and the work-life balance are no longer just buzzwords, but rather the norm for the current generation of workers. Due to the rising popularity of these trends, companies are having to ensure that their equipment aligns with the expectations of their staff. A key reason for this is that the products used in workplaces increasingly need to be suitable for both private and professional use. This is particularly important when it comes to devices for business-critical services, such as corporate telecommunications.

Professional multi-purpose technology? A must!
When choosing the right equipment, it is important to consider the additional criteria that is necessary to meet the changing expectations of professional equipment for mobile workplaces. Among other things, this includes the seamless use of purchased devices anywhere, and the possibility of multi-purpose technology.
Snom has been taking this approach in the development of its IP phones for some time now. Through numerous integrations, Snom IP phones have become integral to intelligent office environments. Snom is now extending this strategy to its headsets and conference phones, while its new A330 M/D headset and the new C300 speakerphone contribute to the work-life balance of employees.

Snom A330 M/D: Headset with full-band audio and comfort
Thanks to state-of-the-art D/A converter technology and optimised speakers, the Snom A330 M/D is a mono- or binaural USB headset that delivers outstanding HD audio quality across the entire human hearing spectrum. The headset features passive noise cancellation which minimises numerous acoustic disturbances.
Thanks to the USB audio interface, the A330 is independent of any system, meaning it can be used as a headset with almost any communication software platform (Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet and many more). The entire voice band is recorded via a high-quality microphone, it is then digitised and transmitted in real time via USB to an IP desk phone or computer. Call functions, mute and availability are displayed via LEDs on the right earcup and microphone arm and can also be controlled via the integrated remote control.
The headband padding, soft artificial leather, and memory foam of the adjustable earcups ensure maximum comfort for the user – even over several hours.
Thanks to these features, the new headset is also suitable for listening to music, as well as extended gaming or streaming sessions after work!

Snom C300: Speakerphone as a compact sound miracle
With the compact, 200g Snom C300 conference speaker, the manufacturer is offering a full-duplex hands-free device with Bluetooth 5.0 and NFC technology that can be used anywhere, as well as a USB audio interface that can be used on a PC, smartphone or tablet. An external headset can also be connected via the integrated connection. Equipped with six microphones and integrated echo cancellation (AEC), the new Snom C300 features Plug & Play. This is operated via seven touch keys on the device or via a smartphone app. All operating processes are confirmed via the LED status display and announcement. Of course, it is also possible to connect headphones, if you prefer privacy during a call.
A powerful 3.7 V and 5.200 mAh lithium-ion battery ensures 24 hours talk time and over 5 days standby time. A USB port for charging the device or a smartphone completes the profile of this portable conference speaker.
Outstanding audio quality and long battery times are not only needed when making phone calls, but also when listening to music. The Snom C300 can therefore be used as a powerful playback device for your own playlists on request – for crystal clear music enjoyment.

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