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How would you like to make a phone call?

Nowadays, making a phone call no longer means just holding the handset in your hand while sitting at your desk. It also includes occasionally having your hands free while on the phone, moving around the office, the building or the company premises, or while having a conversation with several people in the room as well as someone at a different location.

Making calls at your desk

Are you looking for a visually elegant telephone with crystal-clear audio quality and a wide range of configuration options for your desk, reception or workplace? We have developed desk phones in 4 product series, each of which meets specific requirements.

Snom D8xx series

The Visionaries

The Snom D8xx series is our latest telephone series that brings together all our visions for the future. In addition to the particularly elegant design with brushed metal elements in "gunmetal" look, this series features a steplessly tiltable display. It combines the advantages of previous series with a multitude of new, sophisticated functions.

Snom D7xx series

The Internationals

The Snom D7xx series is our international bestseller and features the globally popular "upright" design. This series and its expansion module are available in both black and white. The only difference between this and the Snom D3xx series is the design - the "inner values" are identical.

Snom D3xx series

The Europeans

The Snom D3xx series is designed in the most popular design of the Europeans. The D3xx series differs from the Snom D7xx series mainly in the "flat" design, which usually has room for more BLF keys. Due to this shape and thus lower height, the devices of this series fit comfortably under any monitor.


Snom D1xx series

The Entry Level

The desk telephones of the Snom D1xx series are particularly suitable for so-called large installations in hotels, clinics, educational institutions, public administrations or in the healthcare sector due to their low purchase price, low energy consumption and high effectiveness. The Snom D120 was specially designed for such large installations.

Mobile telephony

In everyday business, there is a need to move away from the workplace in many working environments, such as in hotels, hospitals or logistics companies. And also in industrial companies, many workplaces are not exclusively bound to a desk, but require a high degree of mobility with simultaneous accessibility. Mobile telephones based on DECT radio technology are the optimal solution for these working environments. Snom offers different series in different markets. In the European and EMEA region Snom offers the Snom M-series and Snom MSC-series. For the North American market, Snom also offers the Snom M-KLE-series.

Snom M-series

The DECT revolution

The M-series is the most comprehensive of Snom's DECT series, which in addition to telephone devices (base stations and handsets) also includes a dedicated headset and an asset tracking solution (localisation).

The Snom M-series includes different base stations that can be installed either as a single-cell (Snom M400) or additionally in a multicell network (Snom M900).

A total of 7 different models are available (Snom M25-M90), each designed for a specific work environment. The handsets Snom M25, M30, M65, M70, M80, M85, M90 are compatible with M900, M700, and M400 base stations.

The Snom A190 headset can be registered to an Snom M-series base stations (Snom M400, M700 und M900) like one of the handsets and can therefore even be used on its own. However, it can also be paired with a handset and used together with it.


Location gateway
The location gateway solution consisting of the beacon gateway (Snom M9B) and the beacon tags (Snom M9T) in combination with the Snom M900 base stations, optionally even with all handsets that use Bluetooth technology, can be used both to determine the position of individual persons (e.g. in the event of an alarm) or objects (e.g. in a warehouse) or also to prevent secured devices from being stolen (theft protection).

Snom MSC Series

The smart solution

Our award-winning Snom MSC series is our smallest solution with 2 devices. It is designed exclusively for single cell operation and includes the base Snom M100 SC and the handset Snom M10 SC. Both devices are combined in the product set as Snom M110 SC. Since up to 10 Snom M10 SC can be coupled to the Snom M100 SC, the product set can be extended by up to 9 additional handsets. As a special feature, the MSC series is GAP compatible and can therefore be used very flexibly.


In the conference room

The technology of our conference phones benefits from 15 years of experience and development. Continuously improved voice quality and established software produce high quality sound, which also comes into its own when used hands-free with the cordless extension microphones, which ensure an even distribution of "audibility" throughout the room. Nowadays, the ability to hold conferences remotely is becoming more and more important and has become indispensable for daily working. Especially with regard to home offices and mobile working.

Snom C620

Conferences made easy

Thanks to modern DECT and Bluetooth technology, our Snom C620 is the perfect companion for conferences. It has three microphones. One microphone is built into the base unit with the full-duplex loudspeaker and the two other, cordless, DECT microphones can be placed freely in the room or worn. The Snom C620 can be extended as required to cover larger rooms. To do this, simply connect the Snom C52-SP extension speakers wirelessly to the base unit.


Snom C52-SP

Super mobile

For those who regularly hold conference calls in large rooms or with many people, the Snom C52-SP is the perfect solution as an extension of the Snom C520-WiMi. The Snom C52-SP can be placed in rooms up to 50m away with the wireless DECT radio technology. It can also be connected wirelessly with the Snom A230 DECT USB stick to any Snom desk phone that has a USB interface.

Hands free when making calls

In everyday work, you occasionally need your hands free or want to participate in telephone or video conferences without disturbing your colleagues. Snom offers a range of cordless and corded headsets that incorporate the experience of our high-quality desk phone audio technology.


Snom offers the headset Snom A330 in addition to the established classics Snom A100M (mono) and Snom A100D (dual). The A100x headsets are maximally flexible with 4 possible connections (RJ11, 2.5mm & 3.5mm jack as well as USB). The Snom A330 has a 3.5mm jack plug and an adapter for USB. This means that it can be used on any telephone with a USB connection and a laptop or PC without any problems.


for Deskphones

Our wireless headsets, the Snom A150 and the Snom A170 are equipped with DECT radio technology and are therefore less susceptible to interference and have a greater range than conventional Bluetooth headsets.


for Snom M-Series

The Snom A190 can only be used with an Snom M-series DECT base and offers all the benefits of DECT wireless technology. The Snom A190 headset can also be paired and used together with an Snom M-series handset.

Announcement systems

Everyone knows the announcements in hospitals, doctors' practises, public authorities, supermarkets, retail stores and airports. There are many possible applications for public address with music or general announcements or specific calls. Snom offers the optimal device for every working environment.

Snom PA1+

The Allrounder

The Snom PA1+ is our tried and tested announcement and public address system which also has a few tricks up its sleeve. Not only can the Snom PA1+ be controlled from any Snom phone or central source, but thanks to the included wiring harnesses, a variety of devices can be activated by a power pulse, e.g. a garage door or an electric door latch.

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