Reporting Vulnerabilities in Snom Products

At Snom, the security of our products and services is of paramount importance. We are dedicated to ensuring that our users have a safe and secure experience while using our offerings. We understand that no software is immune to vulnerabilities, which is why we invite the cybersecurity community, ethical hackers, and concerned individuals to collaborate with us in identifying and addressing security issues.


How can you help

If you discover a vulnerability in any of our products or services, we encourage you to write us an email at
By reporting vulnerabilities to us, you play a crucial role in making our products more secure.


Our commitment to you

We value your contributions to our security and are committed to:

  • Acknowledging your report within 5 business days.
  • Conducting a prompt and thorough investigation of the reported issue.
  • Maintaining open communication with you throughout the resolution process.
  • Recognising your contribution to the security of our products, if desired.


Your involvement in identifying vulnerabilities is essential to our mission of delivering secure and reliable products. Together, we can build a safer digital environment for our users.

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