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Snom Financial Services

Snom Financial Services

Snom Financial Services is designed to support our customers and sales partners. Delivered to you in partnership with GE Capital, it provides the most competitive rates and a simple online facility to calculate the information you need.


Snom Financial Services for Business


Financing enables companies to get more purchasing power out of their budgets and preserve cash for operational issues. Any business involved in IT procurement should assess the benefits of leasing and alternative financing over making capital purchases for new IT equipment, software and services.
Spreading the cost over a fixed term can be the cheapest way to fund major IT projects, refresh hardware and ensure the business does not fall behind in technology developments. Moving IT spending from a capital expenditure (Capex) to an operational expense (Opex), is one of the main attractions. Snom provides leasing programs and financing options for businesses.


Snom Financial Services for Resellers


Your customers need a solution to deliver their VoIP telephony. You can help by delivering a differentiated service with funding options to drive business results. Snom Financial Services can enhance your opportunities and ensure you can compete in every situation. Understanding your need for rapid information, Snom provides a self-service system for quick quotes that are available immediately, and online tools that help you win every sale.

Snom Financial Services for Hosted Operators


When an operator wants financing for a VoIP venture, they could approach the capital markets through an IPO or raise money by listing the company through a reverse merger on one of the stock exchanges. They could take their business plan, with all its competitive advantages and proof of forming a successful VoIP company, to a venture capitalist. Snom Financial Services is for operators looking to fund their expanding VoIP services based on private financing for the hardware being deployed. It is designed to increase your sales and customer retention by putting everything in your control.

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