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Snom SC Series


The perfect solution for small- and medium sized businesses


The Snom 215 SC Series is a high performance cordless VoIP solution to be used with single-cell bases. This modern DECT technology is easy to use and perfect for everyday business needs. With a wide 1.7’’ panoramic display, illuminated keypad and excellent voice transmission, the Snom M15 SC is a hardworking device with numerous functions.In addition, a practical belt clip makes it easy to take the M15 anywhere with you. A set of powerful batteries ensure up to 7 hours of talk time and up to a week on stand-by so you never miss a call.

The M15 SC is the perfect choice for thesmall office/ home office: both in the office and at home the Snom M15 SC meets all the requirements of the modern day working environment. With the M200 SC base which can be connected to up to six M15 SC phones it is possible to make up to four phone calls at the same time. This perfect combination provides maximum productivity at an excellent price.

The Snom M215 SC bundle is the perfect fit to cover small or medium size business with modern DECT VoIP telephony. The bundle contains a powerfull base station with up to 50m DECT coverage, helpfull features like call forwarding or centralized phonebooks as well as a estethic and modern handset with up to 7 hours of talk time.




Single Cell DECT Solution

The Snom SC Series is a designated Single Cell DECT Solution for small companies and home offices. With up to 6 handsets per base-station, PoE support and crystal clear voice quality the M215 is the perfect entry DECT solution for everyone


Range up to 50m

The powerfull M215 SC Base station and Handset are providing a DECT range of up to 50m with still crystal clear HD-Audio quality


Over-the-air updates

All connected M15 SC Handsets can be easily update with the newest software with the convenient over-the-air update function of the M200 SC base station




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