Snom Technology AG Interoperability with VoiceHost


VoiceHost [UK] announces interoperability with the Snom Technology [DE] range of telephony SIP telephony devices.

VoiceHost has worked with Snom Technology IP telephones for almost 10 years and represents a significant commitment to working together with Snom in integrating seamlessly with its hosted PBX platform.

VoiceHost’s Managing Director, Ross Beer, credits innovation, maturity and simplicity to the success of the partnership and attributes part of VoiceHost’s growth to the products.

VoiceHost’s Business Operation Manager, Simon Richards said “The new range of products cements Snoms position as a brand of trust, reliable and a mature IP telephony vendor.”

“VoiceHost has been gathering feedback from customers on the new range and everyone has been very impressed. The M700 DECT base has an impressive signal range and is easily scalable” said Richards.

A video of the M700 range testing is available on the VoiceHost YouTube channel.

VoiceHost has seen great demand for the D715 and D725 and the reliability is second to none. “We still have a number of Snom 300 phones that are active on our hosted platform dating back several years” said Richards.

The interoperability consisted of a testing matrix to show the successful integration of features such as LDAP and TLS encryption and secure deployment and management of devices.

Christopher Bloomfield, Head of Systems Development said “Snom’s mature and openly documented provisioning schema, has led to them being our most feature supported manufacture and a favourite for my team and I to work with“.

VoiceHost is fully supporting the complete range of Snom D and M 300 series, D and M 700 series along with the MeetingPoint conference telephone.


About VoiceHost

VoiceHost was launched in 2006 to provide intuitive and cost-saving Voice over IP (VoIP) services for businesses in the UK. The main focus of its cloud based, on-demand platform is to deliver a ‘self- service’ experience that allows customers to quickly and easily build their own communication solution, without heavy reliance on technical support. The platform was built around the ethos of “The best possible service at the best possible price.”

VoiceHost achieved 21st in the Deloitte Fast Track 50 UK in 2015 and 111th in the Deloitte Fast Track 500 EMEA. VoiceHost plans to continue its customer-centric development focus so that it can create and shape the network based on customers’ needs and hold one of the quickest turn-around times for new features in the industry. Its ambition is to cultivate wholesale channels and gradually expand into Europe and beyond.

For more information, please visit www.voicehost.co.uk

Snom media contact

Peter Link
united communications GmbH
PR Manager