Snom Sponsors Cloud Communications Alliance


Snom commits to promoting awareness, adoption and understanding of cloud communications services and their benefits

Snom Technology AG is pleased to announce its sponsorship of the Cloud Communications Alliance (CCA).  The CCA is an industry peer association dedicated to fostering the growth of cloud communications.  It brings together leading cloud communications providers to promote awareness, adoption and understanding of cloud communications services and their benefits. 

The CCA is comprised of industry leading hosted communications companies, and is supported by sponsors that provide products and services for the cloud communications industry. The Cloud Communications Alliance also hosts meetings that provide the association’s members with the opportunity to network and discuss issues confronting them within the industry.

The rise of cloud communications means that telecommunication services are no longer the exclusive domain of local service providers. Services are available over the Internet, and national boundaries no longer matter. This development brings customers a greater choice of services.

"The Cloud Communications Alliance (CCA) comprises and brings together the leading players in cloud communications from the telecommunication industry around the world. We are happy to welcome Snom, one of the major international SIP phone vendors on the market, as one of our newest sponsors,” says Cristian Chilom, Board Member of CCA.

About CCA

The Cloud Communications Alliance is a global peer industry association. CCA selects and screens sponsors based on the quality and power of their technologies, and the support they provide to the CCA mission – to bring enterprise communications to the cloud.


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