Snom Releases New D315 Telephone with Gigabit Switch and USB Support


The new entry level D315 is a professional telephone with a high resolution display that fulfils all important requirements of VoIP telephony as well as providing numerous functions that are of value in the business world.

Snom Technology AG, the leading developer of professional IP telephones, today announced the release of the D315, a professional telephone with a high-resolution display that fulfils all important requirements of VoIP telephony and provides numerous valuable functions for business users.

The D315's extensive connectivity options make it a safe long-term investment for any IP telephony network. A high-speed USB port enables the user to connect a variety of accessories, such as D3 expansion modules or Wi-Fi modules. In addition, the D315 has a gigabit Ethernet switch for high speed LAN connectivity, a VPN client that enables integration of an additional security layer and IPv6 connectivity.

The D315 includes the new and improved audio system - a feature of the latest Snom architecture and the result of many years of development.

“Designed to last even as networks evolve, the D315 features a dual IPv4/IPv6 stack," explains Nadahl Shocair, CEO of Snom Technology AG. "It also includes the new Snom sensor hook switch designed for durability and reduced wear, ensuring a long product life even when the telephone is used extensively and for long periods of time."

The D315’s flexible design makes it suitable for use in a wide variety of environments, including offices, call centers and reception areas.  Its design is gently inclined, a European-style keyboard ideal for easy dialing with minimal impact on the user’s desktop - or wall mounted for use in common areas.

Snom media contact

Peter Link
united communications GmbH
PR Manager