Snom Launches the World’s First Developer Platform for Professional VOIP Phones

Snom, the leading global brand for professional business VoIP phones, is unveiling its new developer platform Snom.io. This platform allows thousands of developers to develop and release completely integrated, innovative applications for Snom.io-compatible desk telephones. These new applications will give users access to a variety of functions which will make day-to-day tasks at the office easier, to design phones around the user’s work functions, as well as IoT, ‘Smart Office Automation’ and video surveillance.

In the first two weeks alone, over 1000 developers were already registered on the platform and the number is increasing daily.


Snom customers can choose from six app categories:


  1. Personal


  1. IoT, Devices, Sensors and Control Applications


  1. Video Source Applications


  1. Business & Productivity Applications


  1. Vertical and Industry Specific Applications


  1. PBX specific Applications


“The io platform allows developers to program, integrate, and distribute innovative applications for Snom telephones worldwide. This is a ‘world first’ for the business telecommunications industry. It allows companies to provide their employees with sophisticated and specific functions so that they can individually configure and adjust their desk phones depending on their work requirements. This increases efficiency, reduces costs, and boosts employees’ performance”, said Nadahl Shocair, Group CEO of Snom.


To see what is possible with Snom.io, take a look at the showcase video and you will be amazed at what this new technology can do.

Snom media contact

Peter Link
united communications GmbH
PR Manager