Snom IP Phone Series validated with BroadWorks


All new Snom telephones to undergo BroadWorks validation and to be fully interoperable upon release

Snom Technology AG, a leading developer of IP Telephones are proud to announce the results of recent interoperability testing with Broadworks. The Global 700 Greyline Series and Global 700 Blackline Series are now both officially certified with Firmware and BroadWorks Release 21.0/21.sp1.

“Building a sustainable Eco-system through interoperability with other manufacturers products is a key part of the Snom strategy. All the latest models of Snom IP Phone Series have now been formally validated with BroadWorks,” explained Nadahl Shocair CEO of Snom Technology AG, “and we have added the 700 Series to the range of certified Snom telephones.”

Understanding BroadWorks certification on Snom devices is now much simpler for Snom partners and customer since all the telephones that are launched into the market will undergo the validation process as standard, and will be fully interoperable with BroadWorks upon their release.

With the addition of the lately validated telephones, all the following models of Snom Telephones are currently classified as interoperable with the BroadWorks SIP interface:

Euro 300 Series: 300, 320, 360, 370
Global 700 Series Greyline: 710, 720, 760,
Global 700 Series Blackline: D715, D725, D765,
Continental Line: 821, 870
Conferencing: Meeting Point
Broadcasting: PA1 Public Address System.

For more information on BroadWorks configuration and interoperability testing, please view the documentation in the Broadsoft Partner Configuration Guide (PCG) on the Broadsoft XChange website.

Snom media contact

Peter Link
united communications GmbH
PR Manager