snom Extends Expertise to Developments in the Building Access Market

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New Partnership with TCS TürControlSysteme AG

Snom technology AG leading developer and manufacturer of  IP handsets today announced that they have entered into a partnership with TCS TürControlSysteme AG. This agreement involves a new and innovative use of the expertise developed by snom from their manufacture of high quality business telephone handsets to provide components for use in third party solutions, in this case in the building access market.


snom is the primary European develop of IP based handsets and provides open and interoperable component based solutions with a focus on quality and security. This approach , which provides business users with high quality and cost effective phone handsets, is also ideally suited to partnering with companies looking to extend their portfolio by adding IP voice and video capabilities to their product set.

TCS TürControlSysteme AG will be supplying and installing a new electronic component, designed by snom, for use on internal doors to enable voice communications and video installations. This new product provides significant enhancements compared to the previously employed analogue communication technology. SIP-server technology provides snom with the ability to connect the equipment to the Internet. The usage of an IP solution opens up new application scenarios for TCS that go far beyond the possibilities of conventional telephones. Property managers and residents can exchange messages, with information as such dates for meter readings, directly using the display on the indoor telephone units. Since all the components are standard compliant IP there is also the ability to connect additional devices, such as IP phones and video equipment, to the door.

"In snom we have found a partner who has extensive experience in the development of IP communication solutions and this perfectly complements our own expertise in the development and manufacture of high-quality door communication system", said Otto Duffner, Chief Executive Officer of TCS. "we are also assured that the 'Engineered in Germany' quality characteristic that we value will be applied to all our joint new products."

Markus Schmitt-Fumian, CEO of snom technology AG , added: "The solutions developed in cooperation with TCS once again demonstrate the potential provided by modern IP-based communication technologies. The networking of different areas of home automation enables a huge improvement in comfort, safety, and quality of service."

“The TCS partnership is primarily a Germany venture, but this latest development is significant to UK manufactures as well. It illustrates that at snom we are always interested to work with developers who have opportunities for IP based communications to be integrated to extend their product set, and who will value the engineering quality and security capabilities inherent in the snom products” comments John Bennett Managing Director of snom UK.

About TCS

TCS has been providing innovative building communication technology since 1995: for video installations as well as monitoring and security solutions around the entrance. The system also offers solutions for communication in buildings such as concierge facilities, a public address system and alarm functions in case of danger. TCS relies on modern technology and a long-lasting product quality, which is highly important in outdoor locations: aluminium instead of plastics - decisions for durability, effective vandalism protection and high quality product design in order to meet the requirements of builders, rather than plain conventional installation technology. A key differentiator is the TCS:BUS which provides exclusive modern and functional BUS technology. The result is a homogeneous system, that is powerful and yet manageable and noticeably facilitates the plantdesign for users. In addition to optimum installation, TCS offers a wide range of services including questions to the TCS hotline or requests for on-site technical support - you can rely on TCS after the purchase. TCS system products are distributed exclusively by resellers and are represented in the regions by our field service and sales representatives. Further information is available at: http://www.tcsag.de .

About Snom Technology AG

Founded in 1996 and headquartered in Berlin, Germany, Snom is a German multinational corporation and the world’s first and leading brand of professional and enterprise VoIP telephones. Snom operates wholly owned subsidiaries in the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Italy and Taiwan.

Snom's German engineering is globally renowned for its robust, high-quality, feature-rich business telephones designed exclusively for trained, certified professional IT and PBX installers. All of Snom’s products are universally compatible with leading PBX platforms operating under the SIP standard. It has over four million endpoint installations globally. Snom products are sold through distributors to over 25,000 Snom value-added resellers around the world.

For more information, please visit www.snom.com.

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