Snom asked – channel partners answered


Parallel to the introduction of its new partner programme in spring/summer this year, the Berlin IP telephony specialist Snom launched a customer satisfaction survey of its customers and partners in its core markets. The aim was not only to get direct feedback on the recently introduced product innovations and new services. The company was also interested in how distributors and resellers rated the Snom brand against competitors. Although it took more than half an hour to answer the questions on the various contact points and offers, the participation rate was sensationally high at almost 75%. "When channel partners are so intensively involved with a brand, this is either evidence of a very good or very bad customer relationship," says Manfred Großert, Managing Director of united consultancy, who conducted the CHANNEL INSIGHTS survey for Snom. "In this particular case, the vast majority was very positive."

For Gernot Sagl, CEO of Snom, there is no question: "A company's success does not only depend on the product innovations it offers its customers. How the company is perceived is equally important. Therefore, soft skills also play a significant role – for example, commitment and friendliness, pragmatic requirements for logistics, sales or support." He adds: "In order to define our position, it was important to determine our status beyond all economic analysts, to identify the shortcomings and to learn where our strengths lie. “

Learn what makes channel partners tick

Snom laid the foundation for this with another international survey of its channel partners. Whether it's the brand, products, team performance, pricing, service and support, or even how Snom is judged against the competition, respondents could and should say something about anything.

The opportunity to tell Snom what they think, to praise the strong points and to openly make comments on any weaker points, was taken up by an overwhelming majority; almost three out of four respondents agreed to do so.

"We were pleasantly surprised by the openness and consistently high quality of the responses, which gave us valuable insights," said Snom’s CEO. And Sagl adds: "Now we not only know which of our activities are well received, but also which values are really important to our customers. Now we can build on that and develop Snom the way that suits us and our customers best."

Snom media contact

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