Snom and GSMK expand collaboration to develop highly secure telephones


Snom and GSMK expand collaboration to develop highly secure telephones

 The Berlin-based companies, Snom Technology AG and GSMK CryptoPhone, are intensifying their collaboration with respect to developing highly secure encrypted telephones. Snom is the world’s first and leading brand of professional and enterprise VoIP telephones and GSMK CryptoPhone is a leading German developer of protected operating systems and encryption solutions. The companies have been collaborating since 2010, and as technology partners, both companies are currently working on new secure, encrypted and tap-proof desktop IP telephones that are immune against attacks. The objective of the cooperation is “Call Security Engineered in Germany”. The Snom/GSMK tap-proof devices are aimed at industry sectors who need to protect confidential and sensitive information on a daily basis, such as high-tech companies, banks, attorneys and journalists as well as governmental organizations like foreign ministries, embassies, police departments, security agencies and courts of law.

Nadahl Shocair, CEO of Snom Technology, welcomes the intensified collaboration between Snom and GSMK CryptoPhone: “A more intense collaboration between our development teams allows us to offer IP telephones to our security-conscious users that are suitable for everyday use. Without exception, the hardware and software of the tap-proof devices are developed in Germany. Our customers attach a great deal of importance to quality 'Engineered in Germany'; this is true for all of our products, not just our crypto phones.

Björn Rupp, CEO of GSMK, commenting on his company's partnership with Snom, says: “Collaborating with Snom over the past few years has given us the opportunity to progressively evolve this partnership of two leading players in the field. Both companies share the desire to develop top products 'Made in Germany'. Our customers demand secure and reliable security solutions. We will continue to reliably fulfill these expectations in the future. This is why our two development teams in Berlin will now work even more closely together.”


About GSMK


GSMK Gesellschaft für Sichere Mobile Kommunikation mbH is a technology leader in mobile encryption and protected operating systems. The company develops and manufactures 360° protected CryptoPhones for corporate, governmental, and individual customers. GSMK’s 360° protection covers the protection of meta data, strong end-to-end encryption, and a hardened operating system. GSMK CryptoPhones are free of pre-installed key material, leaving key generation completely in the hands of the user. GSMK’s customers are able to independently review the source code. GSMK CryptoPhone protects mobile telephones, landline devices and satellite phones to provide secure and user-friendly communication across network borders. The company is headquartered in Berlin.

More information is available at www.cryptophone.com.

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