Groupama Rhône-Alpes in Auvergne selects Avencall, XiVO and Snom


G.R.A.A team deploys 1,400 seats with Snom 720 desk phones

Groupama Rhône-Alpes Auvergne (G.R.A.A) Fund have selected an enterprise VoIP solution based on an Asterisk application suite from Avencall, XiVO. Avencall the French leader of open source communications solutions has chosen to deploy the 720 handsets from Snom Technology AG, the world’s first and leading brand of professional and enterprise VoIP telephones.

With more than 2 000 employees and 330 agencies, Groupama faced a number of challenges. The use of the open SIP standard ensures a solution that will provide interoperability and an evolution path for their IP Telephony solution, that would not be constrained by vendors’ strategies. Another challenge was to find a solution with high technical and functional potential that was also easily deployed in their rich and varied technical environment. Their choice was the XiVO solution from Avencall.

"Thanks to its flexibility, XiVO allows us to be innovative while controlling costs over the long term. This is because each new service, or new feature, does not require a new licence, and since the solution complies fully to open standards such as the SIP protocol and quality of service standards "says Mr. Hinschberger, Responsable Adjoint du Pôle Technique et Budgétaire de la DSI de GRAA (69).


The G.R.A.A team has deployed 1,400 seats with Snom 720 deskphones, The Snom 720 phone addresses office users that require excellent audio and a large number of programmable PBX-style keys. It combines a state-of-the-art hardware with the proven Snom SIP software and features 18 multicolor LED freely programmable function keys. The Snom 720 has an exceptional voice quality using HD wideband audio system designed for excellent performance in office environments and eliminating many of the noise normally associated with offices. For network connectivity, the Snom  720 comes with two Gigabit Ethernet ports  for fast connection. Snom 720 is the ideal IP phone to provide the  business with simple, effective and flexible communications.


In numbers, the G.R.A.A solution consist of:

•             14 VoIP gateways

•             2 XiVO systems for advanced services

•             2 iPBXs

•             1,400 Snom 720 desk phones

Supporting :

•             330 Agencies

•             60,000 automated reminders per year

•             10 conference rooms

•             1,200 voicemails per year

•             500 0000 calls per year

About Groupama Rhône

Groupama Rhône - Alpes Auvergne is a mutual insurance group, Bank and financial service provider. Groupama has 38 000 employees and serves 16 million members and clients. The Caisse régionale G.R.A.A. has more than 2 000 employees and 330 agencies who are ' always there ' for its members. For more info, please visit the website http://www.groupama.fr/groupama-dans-ma-region/rhone-alpes-auvergne.html


About Avencall

With a double-digit growth in six years, Avencall is the French leader of open source communication. Avencall provides the XiVO application suite, the first Asterisk based business system in Europe. Avencall is transforming enterprise telecommunications and its associated business model by providing open, upgradable and creative telephony solutions that serve customers’ business needs. This success is made possible by employees’ teamwork and expertise. Avencall to have a unique position in the telephony market, unified communications business and customer call centres. Composed of 60 specialists who are passionate about their profession Avencall guarantees to its clients and partner’s reliability, expertise and support. Its national coverage (Paris, Lyon, Toulouse, Rennes, Aix-en-Provence, Strasbourg) allows it to offer its 450 clients and 60 distribution partners the benefit of proximity. To learn more: www.avencall.com

Snom media contact

Peter Link
united communications GmbH
PR Manager