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Source Code & GPL Open Source

Source code & GPL Open Source

GPL - GNU Public License Downloads


General Public License


Shell, or command language, interpreter that will appear in the GNU OS:


Basic shell-manipulation utilities of the GNU OS:


Basic text-manipulation utilities of the GNU OS:


GNU Compiler Collection


Original FTP Download Site
Original Description

You can always get the latest version of the listed GNU files from the corresponding original GNU FTP download site.


Previous releases of the snom 100 were distributed with binaries from for which sources unfortunately are not available anymore. Thus the sources listed here are the associated ones to the binaries but are missing the MPC (a PowerPC variant) patches. We switched to the LinuxPPC Cross Development Kit (CDK) available on



Thanks to all making GPL happen and a special thanks to Wolfgang Denk for some pointers and his very organized site and distribution.

GNU General Public License

The license that accompanies the GNU software, also known as a "copyleft". The GNU General Public License gives everyone the right to use and modify the material as long as they make it available to everyone else with the same licensing agreement. The source code of components licensed under GPL used in snom VoIP phones can be downloaded from here. The original GPL license and various GNU tools and utilities can be downloaded here.

Open Source

Source code of a program, which is made available publicly. The idea behind open source is that a broader group of programmers will produce a more useful and bug-free code, as more people will be reviewing it. Open source also allows organizations to modify the product for its own use rather than hope that the vendor of a proprietary product will implement its suggestions in a subsequent release. Examples of popular open source programs are the Linux Operating System (GNU), the Apache Web Server and the Netscape Communicator. For more information, visit


The GNU Project was launched in 1984 to develop a free Unix-like operating system: the GNU system. GNU is a recursive acronym for "GNU's Not Unix", pronounced "guh-NEW". Variants of the GNU operating system, which use the kernel Linux, are now widely used; though these systems are often referred to as "Linux", they are more accurately called "GNU/Linux systems".

Source code


The source code of components licensed under GPL used in snom VoIP phones can be downloaded from the table below.

The original GPL license text can be downloaded from here.

The sources can be downloaded in compressed form. 'tgz' simply means .tar.gz, which means that the file is a 'tar' (Tape ARchive) file that has been gzipped (with GNU zip).

TAR allows many files to be put into one large file, while still keeping directory structure information and is used for moving around large collections of files in one single file, such as some downloads at snom.

To access the files on your computer, you need a tar and gzip/gunzip utility for your particular platform.



Cross development tools (compiler, assembler, linker etc.), native tools (shell, commands and libraries), PPCBoot firmware, Linux kernel including all device drivers, etc., RTAI (Real Time Application Interface) extension, SELF (Simple Embedded Linux Framework).

All ELDK components are available with complete source code, most of it under GPL GNU Public License, and can be downloaded via ftp from here  or ordered on CD-ROM for a nominal charge at Detailed information about the ELDK is also available there.