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Snom as a Service


Cut costs, win new customers

Reduce financial risks and high operating costs


Financing hardware is an essential part of any IP telephony project.

When you switch to Snom as a Service, your customers only pay a monthly fee without having to spend large sums of money upfront. This simplifies financial planning for you and your customers and allows you to generously set up the infrastructure expansion in your company.

Until now, leasing or service contracts in IP telephony have only been offered for hardware maintenance.

This has now changed: Together with its technology partners* Snom enables you to lease complete IP telephony projects!

For your customers, but also for you as a supporting reseller, SaaS brings decisive advantages, especially for larger projects: Instead of having to make large investments in advance, your customers pay a manageable monthly fee. The clear advantages of the operating cost model are also increasingly becoming the preferred investment concept for corporate finance departments.



Resellers and service providers benefit with Snom as a Service from:

  • Investment protection - you don't have to invest large sums of money, but can order flexibly for rent according to customer requirements
  • If the company you are supplying should expand or shrink, simply rent or return the corresponding amount of required additional equipment
  • Always the latest hardware: with Snom as a Service, your customers always receive the latest products from the Snom family.

End customers profit with Snom as a Service from:

  • Always having exactly the number of IP phones available that are needed at any given moment and being able to flexibly adapt them to changing requirements
  • Transparent, easy to calculate budgeting
  • An acceleration of the investments in your company, because the capital is not bound to high initial costs
  • Finance expenditures quicker through operations rather than borrowing money or diverting it from other projects to pay for large up-front technology purchases
  • Long-lasting, smooth cash flows, instead of bulky expenditures in the course of the project

Snom as a Service is a great way to attract new customers: it is flexible, provides access to the latest technologies and is more effective - in short, why not choose it?


Our partners

Whether cloud or on-premise - among our technology partners you will find experts for every area!

The choice of the right IP-PBX depends on many factors - some customers prefer a permanently installed telephone system in the house, for others the focus is on a specific language or a special feature. Therefore, we are active with a number of partners to provide you with the ideal technology partner for every need.


And this is how Snom as a Service works:

You choose the technology partner whose offer best suits you or your customers. You sign a service contract with this partner and you will then receive all your end devices through this partner.

What does this mean? Just one contract for everything!

Every 48 months, your partner will then exchange your Snom phones for our latest models.

It could not be easier!


Available Snom Products:



The D7XX series:

The professional D7XX Series telephones are both aesthetically appealing and highly practical, meeting business requirements when the telephone is a key tool in daily work. These high performance devices are future proofed and provide the best in Wideband HD audio, ensuring crystal clear sound quality. They are Bluetooth compatible to meet the connectivity requirements of today’s offices.


The D3XX series:

The Snom D3XX Series is perfectly designed to provide high class European aesthetics, and has been the telephone of choice for effective everyday work across millions of proven installations. Delivering the quality and functionality that professionals know is indispensable for everyday working life, whether on-premises or in hosted PBX environments.






Snom’s conference telephone provides a reliable solution that demonstrates 15 years of investment in telephone engineering. This phone is a powerful business tool that enhances collaboration and teamwork by enabling multiple callers to listen and/or talk on the same call. Snom’s proven voice quality and powerful software enable high audio quality in a hands free situation. Extension microphones give potential to further extend call coverage in the room. In today’s business environment, it is important for users to collaborate. Snom’s audio conferencing is an easy-to-implement solution that saves time and boosts productivity.



DECT solutions:

Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) is an industry standard that provides workplace mobility. A DECT phone allows you to roam in the office while you talk. The Snom family of DECT products ensures that business users don’t sacrifice functionality and quality with increased mobility. DECT product users can move from their desks without losing the ability to manage incoming inquiries.




Public Address System:

Snom has developed a SIP bridge (PA1) enabling businesses to extend their existing public announcement speaker system while upgrading from digital/POTs systems into SIP-based voice communication solutions. The PA1 can be used in both small and large applications due to the inclusion of a 4-watt amplifier for single speaker projects. A microphone input is provided for two-way communication.

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