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Snom Customization


Make a Snom phone your phone  - with Snom Customisation


With white label solutions from Snom, you can turn any Snom desk phone into exactly the right tool for your employees, customers or partners. Whether you want to print a company logo, need the phone in a special colour or want to change the printing on the keys - with Snom Customization there are no limits to your requirements.  Make a Snom phone your phone!

On hotel phones, for example, pre-printed service keys for frequently used options - such as "room service", "reception" or "table reservation" - can be created. For hospitals or care facilities, on the other hand, keys for quick call numbers to individual wards or door openers can be labelled in such a way that they can be found immediately, even by new staff team members.

Or how about your own logo on the display or the telephone housing in CI-compliant colours to further strengthen brand communication? We have summarised all available options for you:





Customisable logo:


The Custom Logo Package allows you to quickly and easily print any logo on the top of the display of your Snom D717*, D735* and D785* series phone. This offer is available for orders as low as 50 phones per model.

  • Available from 50 units / model
  • Customised logo lettering
  • Customised colour scheme for logo and lettering
  • Low investment costs

Customisable key printing:


Do you need telephones for a hotel or hospital and require special printing of the available function keys? For example, to implement a direct extension to the concierge or reception? Then the "Custom Printing Package" is exactly what you need. This offer is available from 1,500 phones per model.

  • Available from 1,500 units / model

  • Custom front print

  • Key labels can be changed as required


Adaptable design:


You can fully customise your Snom phone to your needs with the Custom Design Package. From 3,000 devices per model, you can not only print a logo on the top of the display, define the key printing, but even customise the colour of all visible plastic parts to your liking.

  • Available from 3,000 units / model
  • The colour of all visible plastic parts can be changed on request
  • The imprint of the display and the labelling of the keys can be changed

Snom Customization


Are you interested in our white label solutions? Simply contact your local Snom sales representative and we look forward to making a Snom phone your phone!


*Only available for black series models

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