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Snom for Manufacturing

Demands of today’s economy motivate 75% of manufacturers to invest in customer-facing technologies such as IP telephony

IP telephony - the competetive advantage for manufacturing


Manufacturing is a lucrative sector critical to national economic stability. For manufacturers, staying competitive means keeping costs low and manufacturing in volume. IP telephony can be a competitive advantage in the manufacturing sector because it keeps communication costs reduced and manageable. Today’s demanding economy requires high standards for customer service excellence, efficient innovation and responsive manufacturing, which motivates 75% of manufacturers to invest in customer-facing technologies such as IP telephony.

Mobile solutions are of particular importance in manufacturing environments, as a significant proportion of the workforce is mobile or without a fixed station. A DECT solution enables each factory floor employee to have his or her own phone, which can result in more efficient business. IP DECT enables direct communications between colleagues and eliminates the problems associated with overhead pagers, pocket pagers and two-way radios. Also of benefit in a manufacturing environment is Snom’s application integration that can be used to enable machinery, process line alarms and monitor systems to be integrated with your IP telephony solution. This allows engineering and production staff to be notified immediately if an error condition is detected or an event is triggered.


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