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Snom for Education

Managing frequent traffic peaks and providing system flexibility

A modern solution for reliable, flexible and cost-effective communications


Many universities, colleges and schools are under pressure to modernize, not only because of evolutionary changes to the education system, but because of their ongoing need to be more efficient, agile and resourceful in operations. Educational esablishments are in a prime position to take advantage of the latest communications opportunities afforded by Voice over IP systems.

Many telephone systems in educational establishments have been purchased and configured several years ago. This means that transferring to an IP telephony system is, in most cases, an upgrade project that must take cost efficiency into consideration. Budget is often the primary reason why educational establishments consider switching to a more modern setup, their traditional systems being too inefficient and expensive to maintain. The key cost advantages of an upgrade to VoIP include cheaper calls, lower maintenance charges and, if a hosted option is chosen, a lack of necessity to purchase, install and configure a physical PBX. Calls within the user community are often free. This can be a major source of cost savings in universities, colleges and schools with large campuses and complex internal communication requirements.


Many older telephony systems are technically inflexible, which means that universities, colleges and schools had to rely heavily on their telecoms provider to execute moves and changes. With Snom VoIP solutions, moves and changes are no longer a lengthy and costly process. Remote provisioning capabilities make these telephones flexible and easy to use.

Educational establishments often experience busy times during the year such as enrollment and exam periods, and beginnings or ends of terms. During these periods, it's especially important that communication among students, parents, educators and administration is both simple and effective. This is a time when the telephony system may be stretched to its limits, and older systems enhance the risk of a communication breakdown that may compromise long established reputations. When configured correctly, IP telephony provides a high level of flexibility so that calls are answered promptly or routed more efficiently. Snom telephones allow establishments to easily add and change extensions through a web interface, without relying on a network provider.

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