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Multiple Sites

Multiple Sites

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Snom phones can be configured before they are sent out to your multiple remote premises.



An IP telephony solution uses the internet or private IP connections to connect all your extensions. Deployment at multiple sites introduces issues related to installation, support and management. Some phones need a lot of lead time to set up and may require multiple visits from an installation engineer. However, Snom solutions are nearly ‘plug and play’ and can be configured before they are sent out to your multiple remote premises. IP telephony from Snom can be highly flexible, providing a solution that can adapt and grow along with your business.

Snom telephone remote provisioning capabilities allow easy addition of new users, features or sites without any disruption and with minimal effort. Remote provisioning and the Snom approach of a single firmware version for multiple phone types also ensures seamless maintenance and updates of your IP phones at multiple sites. Management for these sites can be a challenge, but Snom's central management capabilities decrease associated costs.



The benefits of business VoIP solutions for businesses with more than one working location:

  • Consolidated Numbering - Linking offices, mobile phones and home workers together on one numbering plan.
  • Central Management - All the phones are connected on one system and are easier to manage.
  • Call Cost Savings - With free voice calls between the phones on the network, the call traffic is treated as internal. These calls are not only free of charge, but easier to transfer and manage.
  • Home Workers – Home extensions become literally an extension from the office. These end points can take and make calls as though they are in the office on the same numbering plan.
  • Reduced Management Costs - Costs of managing and maintaining separate phone systems and offices is no longer expensive and burdensome.

Case Studies

Rosenthal GmbH,

Significant cost savings and
an expanded scope of services

SanLucar Fruits

Integrating voice, video, IM,
web access and mobile telephony

Studentenwerk Freiburg,

VoIP on campus for cost savings,
speed and efficiency

Comms Unite,

A large-scale deployment of telephony services for multiple businesses

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