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In Building Mobility

In-Building Mobility

IP wireless communications integrated to increase flexibility of use


Increased productivity and cost savings.


Since Apple released the iPhone in 2007, business users have embraced the use of mobile communications devices. IT departments struggled to handle the changing models; they were suddenly forced to reconcile devices, application management and security with freedom of mobility. The challenge in the business setting was to ensure minimal loss of access to communications both in and out of the office. Now, 63% of enterprises look to mobility for cost savings and nearly 50% are responding to employee demand for this mobility.

Mobile communications creates opportunities for greater productivity, cost savings, improved customer service and boosted employee morale. For the business looking for mobility in telephony, Snom offers five possible solutions for IP mobility: a wireless headset connected to your desk phone, a cordless WiFi solution using your business WLAN, mobile GSM handsets, cordless soft phones installed on laptops or VoIP DECT solutions. Each of these end point options can be a valuable part of a highly mobile telephony toolkit.


Benefits of in-building mobility using DECT:

  • Spectrum Efficiency - DECT devices have the advantage of using their own spectrum. This means that there is no competition for the use of airwaves between computers and WiFi devices.
  • High Concentration - The radio technology used in the DECT standard permits high concentrations of users. This makes DECT a powerful solution for densely-occupied office buildings, public areas and residential areas.
  • Low Power Consumption -  The power required to operate DECT is considerably less than WiFi which translates into more talk time.
  • Coverage – DECT can cover a large area. There are base stations and repeaters that offer “roaming” and “handover."
  • Security - DECT radio transmissions are extremely secure against unauthorized radio eavesdropping by third parties. DECT encryption methods further enhance security.
  • Voice Quality - Speech quality in a DECT system is very high, thanks to the digital radio techniques applied. Handover from cell to cell is fully transparent to the user.

Case Studies

DRC General Secretariat/
Red Cross,

State of the art and failsafe
IP communication solution

Studentenwerk Freiburg,

VoIP on campus for cost savings,
speed and efficiency

Technischen Hilfswerk,

Preconfigured phones
support flexible working

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