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Home Working

Home Working

Flexibility and ease of connection for home workers


Escape from the office desk and communicate from anywhere, at anytime, using the device of your choice.


An IP telephony solution can be extremely useful for businesses with home workers. Easily integrated with existing broadband connections, it offers future-proofing and ease of mobility should the worker move to new locations. Phone numbers can be preserved, minimizing hassle for clients and avoiding any disruption in service. Snom telephones allow home workers to connect to the IP network by simply plugging the phone into a broadband router on premises. The phones can be preconfigured and sent by post to the home worker.

Once connected, home workers are part of the business telephony network and able to access the same facilities that are available to office based workers. These include features such as call transfer within the network, voicemail, voicemail to e-mail, diversion to mobiles, auto-attendants, integration with CRM databases, voice recording and free calls to other users in the business extension range.


Benefits of remote working with VoIP:

  • Feature Availability - Remote employees can access all the features of the central communication platform and enjoy ease of collaboration with colleagues.
  • Scalability – An easy way to scale up or down as conditions demand.
  • Direct Dial Numbers - Can be used for remote employees as well as central office-based staff.
  • Global - Handling a global customer base improves as the business can grow both quickly and affordably.
  • Reduced Costs - VoIP removes the costs associated with central office and remote workers.
  • Centralized Management - Simplifies the entire communication infrastructure.

Case Studies

Studentenwerk Freiburg,

VoIP on campus for cost savings,
speed and efficiency

SanLucar Fruits

Integrating voice, video, IM,
web access and mobile telephony

Rivit S.r.l,

IP establishes a configurable,
flexible voice system

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