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M9B Beacon Gateway

Beyond VoIP

With our professional VoIP DECT solutions, we offer our customers worldwide reliable and powerful communication systems for everyday business. Depending on the area of application, we offer our customers the perfect solution for their requirements.

But communication alone is not enough - we go one step further. With the Snom M9B Beacon Gateways, we offer a cost-effective, state-of-the-art solution to integrate high-profile location and asset tracking as well as alarm systems into any existing Snom DECT multi-cell system*. And it's easier than ever! The Snom M9B can be powered by battery as well as by USB power adapter, making it flexible and retrofittable to almost any location. 

The Snom M9B Beacon works as a Bluetooth satellite that is connected to an M900 DECT base station via a DECT data connection. The beacon itself constantly sends out Bluetooth signals to scan registered devices in its vicinity. The 4 antennas integrated in the M9B enable precise live location of a registered device thanks to beamforming in the near-field range of 1-15 metres and report this information in real time to the nearest M900 base station. At the same time, the M9B is compatible with many Bluetooth beacons from well-known manufacturers such as iBeacon, AltBeacon or Eddystome.

For more information and examples on the application areas of the M9B and Snom Beacon solutions, click here: Snom Beacons


  • Enables the realisation of professional live location, asset tracking and alarm solutions**.
  • Can be retrofitted anywhere thanks to flexible power supply
  • 4 integrated antennas enable beamforming for position determination
  • Compatible with many popular beacon manufacturers
  • Wireless data connection to existing M900 DECT base stations
*Snom M9B Beacon Gateways can only be operated with M900 multi-cell DECT base stations
**In many applications third party software is required




  • Beamforming for accurate positioning
  • Bluetooth technology for proximity detection
  • Compatible with 3 beacon types
  • DECT connection to existing M900 and M900 outdoor base stations
  • Requires a compatible alarm server for full functionality
  • API for custom alarm server development

Radio characteristics

  • Bluetooth class 2
  • Maximum Bluetooth transmission power: 3dBm
  • DECT indoor range: up to 50m
  • Maximum DECT transmitting power: 24dBm
  • Bluetooth range: up to 10m
  • Bluetooth LE · DECT encryption
  • DECT compatibility only with Snom base stations and handsets


  • Compatible with SnomM900 base stations
  • Works with M70, M80, M85, M90 handsets
  • Compatible with M9T and third party tags using the following beacon types
    • iBeacon (Apple)
    • AltBeacon (Radius)
    • Eddystone (Google)




  • Up to 10 gateways per M900
  • Up to 1000 gateways per installation
  • Maximum number of handsets per installation is not reduced
  • Maximum number of active handsets per base is reduced

Power supply

  • Micro USB port for primary power supply
  • 2 x AA alkaline batteries as backup power source
  • Power supply unit and batteries included
  • Built-in motion sensor
  • Automatic stand-by to save power
  • Automatic and manual activation
  • LED indicator for manual activation
  • Long battery life
  • 5 M9T tags per packing unit

PN of M9B 00004460
PN of M9T 00004461




Plugin required.
You can disable this tab in Product admin.

Plugin required.
You can disable this tab in Product admin.

Downloads and additional information: 

M9B: Service-Website (Link)

M9T: Service-Website (Link)