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Becoming a Snom Training Center

Becoming a Snom Training Center

Secure credibility and additional revenue as a Snom Training Center


Snom Training Centers are independent, profitable areas of business.

A Training Center Agreement is signed between Snom Technology AG and the Snom partner. A “Coordinator” is assigned by the Training Center to oversee training operations, act as the liaison with Snom and ensure training compliance.

Snom inspects and approves the training facilities, and also authorizes the partner to run Snom-prepared training sessions on Snom products using Snom-certified trainers in accordance to Snom guidelines and agreement terms and conditions.

The Training Center is required to provide the facilities to the standards advised by Snom and to provide all designated equipment and teaching materials. The Training Center can utilize its own Snom certified trainers or third party Snom certified trainers. All trainers are reviewed annually.

Snom will publish details of the training center and courses scheduled on a quarter-by-quarter basis. For a copy of the Snom Training Center Agreement and Guidelines, contact

Benefits of becoming a Snom Training Center:

  • Gain credibility: Capitalize on the Snom brand, which commands recognition and respect in the marketplace.
  • Acquire credentials: Market your certified Snom expertise as a competitive differentiator.
  • Become experts in Snom: Join the value-add partner program and gain access to information from the company that sets the standards of VoIP.
  • Reap rewards: Team up with the best to add value for customers and drive growth and profitability.
  • Position your company to take advantage of more sales opportunities than ever before.

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