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Do the Snom DECT Revolution


Unlimited mobility, flexibility and security - that is the Snom DECT revolution. With three new handsets and a completely new base station, we are taking the next step in modern, wireless business communication.

The new devices not only look good on the office desk, but are also ideal for use in warehouses, on construction sites, on campuses or in extensive medical facilities. 


Thanks to a robust and shock-resistant design according to MIL-STD 810g, the new handsets are extremely durable and can easily withstand a fall or involuntary shower. In addition, there are integrated alarm buttons that can be freely configured, from calling the control centre to triggering an alarm as needed. In addition, the new M900 multi-cell base now also supports so-called BLC (Bluetooth Low-Energy Beacons) and thus opens up even more possibilities in everyday business.  

Snom's IP DECT systems can be installed quickly and scaled even more easily. Up to 1,000 base stations and up to 4,000 handsets can be installed in one installation.

 The new DECT generation from Snom offers mobility, flexibility and future security. With calls in the best HD audio, long battery life and the highest possible encryption, Snom's DECT devices offer everything a modern communication unit needs.


M70 Business Handset


The Snom M70 Business Handset is the perfect office all-rounder for unlimited workplace mobility. The small device offers all the technical advantages of a large deskphone, all combined in a much smaller design.  (Learn more)


M80 Industrial Handset


The Snom M80 is not only at the cutting edge in technology and has IP-65 certification, it is also extremely robust and durable. Not only does this make the M80 suitable for the office, but also outdoor areas or factories. (Learn more)




M90 Medical Handset


The Snom M90 Medical has a special antibacterial housing, as well as the IP-65 certification, making it the perfect companion for use in medical environments.  (Learn more)

A190 Multicell DECT Headset

The Snom A190 is a modern, lightweight and extremely flexible DECT headset which, thanks to its multi-cell support, can not only be used anywhere, but also delivers perfect audio quality. And all this at a more than attractive price.(Learn more)


M900 Multicell DECT Base Station

With the new M900 base station we open a new chapter in professional, modern and flexible DECT communication. The new, handy base station is not only many times more scalable than its predecessor, it is also much smaller and perfectly suited for wall or ceiling mounting. (Learn more)


The new M900 DECT base station not only offers flexibility but can also be extremely scaled. With up to 4,000 handsets per installation and up to 1,000 base stations, even very large projects can be easily radioed with DECT. 

Uncompromising quality: 


Like our previous DECT devices, the new Snom DECT Series doesn’t compromise on quality. These aren’t just empty words – the series speaks for itself. The handsets are extremely robust and can easily withstand a fall from several metres. The M80 and M90 handsets bear up well to a shower or dust. The reinforced, high-end frames of the handsets are manufactured with extreme precision, preventing dust and water from penetrating the phone and damaging installed hardware, even at high pressure. 


Always on the safe side – uncompromising quality. 

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