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25 years of Snom - Connecting your business





25 Years of Snom: Episode 1 1997-2000

25 Years of Snom: Episode 2 2001-2003

25 Years of Snom: Episode 3 2004-2006






25 Years of Snom: Episode 4 2007-2008

25 Years of Snom: Episode 5 2009-2011

25 Years of Snom: Episode 6 2012-2016







25 Years of Snom: Episode 7 2017-2021



Superb Audio

Sound design is an art form at Snom. It is at the core of our development, as we utilize some of the world's most advanced voice quality engineering tools. We consistently strive to set the bar high for audio quality in business communications.


Sophisticated Software

Snom software has a 15-year history of development and improvement. It is secure and equips the business professional with over 900 telephone features and settings for a powerful, flexible and versatile communications experience.


German Engineering

Snom's high standards in engineering come from our German heritage. We strive to achieve perfection in all aspects of hardware development with unparalleled craftsmanship, elegant design, practicality and cost effectiveness.

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