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Snom Authorized Reseller

Becoming a Snom Authorized Reseller

Partnering with Snom Technology GmbH is a great way to maximize business growth, whether you provide products, services or solutions.


Snom products have an unparalleled reputation for technical excellence. Our certified IT and telecom resellers provide a wealth of value-added capabilities to enhance VoIP solution sales. Snom provides Authorized Resellers with feature rich telephony capabilities that comply to the standards of interoperability and support the capabilities needed to set up optimal VoIP security and quality.

Snom provides a wealth of technical information for Authorized Resellers online, so they can easily make decisions themselves. We also provide fully configured telephones through our distribution partners to simplify sales.


Find a Snom Reseller

Snom professional VoIP products are sold exclusively through accredited Snom partners. Contact your local Snom Sales representative to find a reseller near you.

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Become a Snom Partner

All value-added resellers and service providers who wish to sell and install Snom products are invited to register.



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