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snom Introduces Wireless Headset Adapter for VoIP Phones

snom technology AG, developer and manufacturer of Voice-over-IP (VoIP) telephones, today announced the launch of its Wireless Headset Adapter for VoIP phones. Suitable for companies of all sizes, the adapter provides professionals using VoIP telephony systems with increased office mobility.

The snom Wireless Headset Adapter has an EHS, non-mechanical interface between the snom IP phone and wireless headset, conforming to vendor-specific as well as DHSG standards. It allows for electronic reception of calls on the headset itself, offering users the convenience of using a stationary phone while roaming freely throughout the home or office. snom recommends use of its Wireless Headset Adapter with GN and Plantronics headsets.

“Our mission is to offer our customers the latest and best in VoIP technology,” said Jan McNair, VP of GN, Office Stream. “With the option now available to use snom’s Wireless Headset Adapter with our headsets, customers no longer need to feel tied to their desks when on the phone.”

“Plantronics works closely with the world's leading IP communications providers to ensure full functional integration between our VoIP products,” said Joe McGrogan, director of Business Solutions at Plantronics. “Combining our wireless headsets with snom’s Wireless Headset Adapter enhances the value of VoIP communications for customers with hands-free mobility and the industry’s best combination of audio, style and comfort."

When the phone receives an incoming call, the ringing tone is signalled through the wireless adapter to the headset. While some traditional headsets require the activation of multiple buttons on both the portal and the actual phone, users of snom’s Wireless Headset Adapter can answer and terminate calls with the touch of a button on the headset itself.

When Max ASP, a telesales and sales process automation company, recently switched to an Asterisk®-based VoIP system, the company decided to use snom phones, and compatible headsets by GN and Plantronics with the new snom Wireless Headset Adapter.

“The transition went very smoothly, and thanks to the snom adapter, our agents are able to make calls using their headsets – without the loss of audio quality experienced during pre-VoIP times,” said Adam Lamont-Brown, managing director of Max ASP.

“Wireless headsets have become very popular in professional business environments, particularly call centers,” said Michael Knieling, CFO and executive vice president of marketing and sales for snom. “Our Wireless Headset Adapter is the bridge between professional VoIP telephony and professional wireless headsets.”

The snom Wireless Headset Adapter is compatible with the snom 320, 360, and 370 phones. For pricing and availability, please visit

snom will be exhibiting at VoiceCon San Francisco 2007 Aug. 20-23 in booth #734. Additional information on VoiceCon can be found at

About snom

snom technology AG develops and manufactures VoIP telephones and related equipment based on the IETF open standard, SIP (Session Initiation Protocol). Recognized for its high-quality, customizable, and costeffective business solutions, snom is also differentiated by the company’s history in the VoIP industry, and its dedication to high security standards. All of snom’s software exists in the firmware on the phones – making it easier for users to download updates and new features. snom customers benefit from the interoperability and flexibility that the snom telephones offer, including plug and play integration and universal compatibility with any SIP-based telephony platform. Founded in 1996 and headquartered in Berlin, Germany, snom technology AG also has offices in Italy, France and the US. The company distributes its fourth generation SIP phones through its network of more than 200 authorized reseller partners in 60 countries worldwide. For more information on snom, please visit

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