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Snom 190 Judged "Best Affordable SIP Phone" by Network Computing Magazine

2005 Well-Connected Award Winner "Outperformed Competition"
in Lab Tests of Interoperability and Voice Quality.
snom technology AG is pleased to announce that its snom 190 SIP telephone has won the 2005 Network Computing Magazine "Well-Connected" Award in the category of "Best Affordable SIP Phone." The 11th Annual Well-Connected Awards were presented by Network Computing editors at a gala event at Las Vegas' nightspot Body English, in conjunction with Networld+Interop.

In their awards summary, Editors Mike DeMaria and Sean Doherty note that: "At just $199 wholesale, the Snom 200 (now 190) SIP phone comes loaded with features, such as a two-line LCD display with five lighted, programmable function keys that make tracking the status of multiple lines a breeze. A convenient Web interface, different levels of access for users and administrators, and handy troubleshooting features ensure that the phone is as easy to manage as it is to use. The Snom 200 outperformed the competition on interoperability and voice-quality testing in our labs."

Now in their eleventh year, Network Computing's Well-Connected Awards are based on rigorous comparative tests conducted at the magazine's several laboratories. Winners of this year's awards were selected across six categories, from Business Applications to Digital Convergence. In the Convergence category, NWC's "Low-Cost SIP Phone Challenge" (performed midyear last) pitted the snom 190 against two leading competitors in a thorough evaluation of standards-compliance, interoperability, voice quality, manageability, ease of installation and use.

Says snom technology AG CEO and founder, Dr. Christian Stredicke: "We are extgremely proud to have earned this award; particularly so because Network Computing's tests are technically rigorous, transparent, and emulate the requirements and stresses imposed by real-world implementations."

The snom 190 (formerly 200) is a basic SIP business telephone with a highly-readable two-line display; efficient, low-profile styling; programmable function keys and a built-in web management interface. Elegant and easy to use, the 190 features superb speech quality and high bandwidth efficiency, and is highly compliant both with basic SIP and extended IETF recommendations for security (SIP(s)/sRTP).

The 190 rounds out snom's complete line of feature-rich, SIP-based business telephones, including the extensible 220 and the secure, large-display 360, introduced in March. snom technology AG also makes a complete line of scaleable SIP IP PBXs, communications and media servers, including the enterprise-class 4S IP PBX and enterprise/carrier 4S SIP proxy/media server suite and the tiny, powerful snom "VoIP Box": a complete, 50-user SME IP PBX with built-in voice messaging, in a tiny "appliance" enclosure.

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snom technology AG develops and manufactures VoIP telephones and related equipment based on the IETF open standard, SIP (Session Initiation Protocol). Recognized for its high-quality, customizable, and costeffective business solutions, snom is also differentiated by the company’s history in the VoIP industry, and its dedication to high security standards. All of snom’s software exists in the firmware on the phones – making it easier for users to download updates and new features. snom customers benefit from the interoperability and flexibility that the snom telephones offer, including plug and play integration and universal compatibility with any SIP-based telephony platform. Founded in 1996 and headquartered in Berlin, Germany, snom technology AG also has offices in Italy, France and the US. The company distributes its fourth generation SIP phones through its network of more than 200 authorized reseller partners in 60 countries worldwide. For more information on snom, please visit