Thomson’s Cirpack MultiNode-B

A unique modular platform:
Cirpack MultiNode-B is a highly modular,scalable, high-density platform,incorporating all the components of apowerful public telephony switch in acompact, standards-based and easy tomanage shelf. It has been designed toreplicate the features of legacy TDMswitches, enabling existing services andequipment to be maintained in newarchitectures while deploying new VoIPand multimedia features over broadbandlocal loops.

From TDM to NGN to IMS:
Based on IBM’s BladeCenterT, acarrier-grade version of IBM’s bladeserver technology, Cirpack MultiNode-B offers a unique softswitch andgateway solution to expand legacyPSTN, deliver VoIP services and startmigrating to an IMS architecture. It canserve as the foundation forconsolidating infrastructures andapplications according to the IMSmodel.

Voice and video services:
Voice and Video ServicesFully integrated with Thomson’s worldleading video technologies, IPTV servicedelivery platforms and residentialgateway products, it is the ideal solutionfor telecom operators and Internetservice providers to quickly deliverfeature-rich broadband services thatmeet the most demanding reliability,modularity, ease of management andcost of ownership requirements.

Field-proven technologies:
Cirpack MultiNode-B from Thomson isthe platform handling several of thelargest European VoIP deployments. Ithas demonstrated carrier-gradereliability, offering toll-quality telephonyservices across very large and complexinfrastructures.For Successful Deployments.

For successful deployments:
With Cirpack MultiNode-B, Thomson isfurther extending its technologyleadership in next-generation networkplatforms enabling carriers, serviceproviders and local loop operatorsaround the world to build powerfulinfrastructures for delivering profitablemultimedia services.