Nortel - Communcation Server 2000

The Communication Server 2000 (CS 2000) is a Nortel Carrier Voice over IP (VoIP) superclass softswitch on the XA-Core Platform. It is an IMS-ready carrier grade softswitch operating in an open standards Nortel VoIP network. It supports a wide range of signaling, transport and control protocols including both MGCP and SIP for line gateways.

Key Features:

  • Protects DMS investment while seamlessly transitioning subscribers to packet-based voice.
  • Operational expense reduced by up to 30%; capital expense by up to 50%.
  • Functions as the centerpiece of an open, standards-based, scalable packet trunking solution (ATM or IP) or packet access solution enabled by the Carrier VoIP portfolio.
  • Scales to 2,000,000 Busy Hour Call Attempts (BHCA).
  • Supports a wide range of national signaling variants, making it an ideal solution in voice transit applications where specific country fit is required.