CedarPoint - Safari C3

SAFARI C3 Media Switching System 
The SAFARI C3™ Media Switching System is the only totally integrated, carrier-class Voice over IP (VoIP) switch that incorporates all of the components that make up the voice switching infrastructure and provides SIP-based features today and a seamless evolution to an IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) architecture. SAFARI C3provides superior performance and reliability, significantly reducing capital expenditures, system integration and operations costs for providers of telephony services while increasing network integrity, security and privacy.

SAFARI C3 is future-architected to fit within an IMS core network infrastructure, allowing network operators to leverage their initial equipment investment in voice as they introduce such services as video telephony and fixed-mobile applications. Because of its scalable and flexible architecture, new applications can be integrated into SAFARI C3or can be accessed via third-party application servers.

SAFARI C3 uses a unique set of PacketClass™ technologies to combine key, high-quality attributes of today's Class 5 voice switches with the functional components in distributed VoIP networks in a single CableLabs® PacketCable™ based system. SAFARI C3's highly scalable architecture enables it to serve any size serving area – with a single platform supporting from 5,000 to 100,000 subscribers – and it is used by cable operators, carriers, enterprise networks and educational institutions to deliver highly reliable VoIP and multimedia services.

Even when SAFARI C3 is supporting 100,000 subscribers, the system is highly scalable and is still only using five percent of the switch’s resources. SAFARI C3's unique architecture enables it to handle packet-to-packet, packet-to-circuit, circuit-to-packet and circuit-to-circuit calls over the same packet-based switch fabric.

PacketClass Technologies from Cedar Point

SAFARI C³ PacketClass technologies enable the same level of quality, availability, security and privacy as today's carrier-class circuit-switched systems. Cedar Point's technologies transform traditionally complex and costly voice services into a simple, ready-to-use integrated VoIP switching solution. The PacketClass technologies include:

SecureClass™ - Secure media processing and anti-hacking technology that makes the voice network a fortress of privacy and security.
FiberClass™ An all-optical backplane delivers total scalability and investment protection.
VoiceClass™ - It utilizes unique techniques to allow any voice traffic (i.e. VoIP and circuit voice) to be switched simultaneously over an all-packet environment.
FeatureClass™ - Simple implementation of lawful intercept and E-911, and rapid delivery of advanced features with feature flow technology.
VideoClass™ - Next-generation multimedia platform providing video-based broadband services.
Lowering the Total Cost of Ownership
SAFARI C3 combines the following functional components of the PacketCable specification into a single platform:

  • Call Management Server (CMS)
  • Media Gateway (MG)
  • Media Gateway Controller (MGC)
  • Signaling Gateway (SG)
  • Announcement Server (ANS)
  • Record Keeping Server (RKS)
  • Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act (CALEA) Server

This streamlined architectural consolidation enables VoIP providers of any size to realize substantial comparative savings for initial equipment, engineering, installation and integration costs. Impressive returns in ongoing operational cost savings can be realized by reducing the ongoing costs of powering, real estate, system upgrades, maintenance, monitoring and back office operations.
Flexible FCAPS Management
Fault, Configuration, Accounting, Performance and Security (FCAPs) is provided by the SafariView™ Element Management System.