As one of the early modem makers, ZyXEL has undergone many transformations in the fast-paced networking industry; and its mainstay products have also evolved from modems, IDSN TAs and routers to broadband access devices serving the needs of the individual, small business and corporate users, and even large-scale central offices. Today, ZyXEL is one of the few companies in the world capable of offering complete networking solutions ranging from DSL customer premise equipment, central office equipment, Internet security appliances, switches, WLAN equipment, network-attached storage and centralized network management systems.

Zyxel and snom technology AG 
Enterprise-Grade IP PBX System for Small and Medium Businesses

  • SIP Proxy, Registrar and Redirect Server (RFC 3261)
  • DSP Supporting Rich Call Features and Codec Transcoding
  • Optional Trunking Interfaces Supporting FXO, FXS, ISDN-BRI, T1 and E1
  • Voice Mail with E-mail Forwarding
  • Softphone and Web Phone
  • Upgradeable N-way Meet-Me Conference
  • Web-based Management for System and Personal Configurations
  • Auto-provisioning
  • ZyXEL SmartExpand Mechanism